Zero Zero Fried Chicken $14 @ Zero Zero San Francisco

Its Fried Chicken Explosion @ Zero Zero in San Francisco

Caesar Salad $12

Proclaim your allegiance to your Caesar with anchovies in your salad from a fun two-story bar-restaurant in SoMa, a San Francisco city neighborhood. The figure, we would start with something nice and straightforward. It turns out, and it’s far from a simple salad! That is the most beautiful caesar salad we’ve ever seen. It was a little weird to eat it because it has whole romaine hearts, so you got to use a knife to cut it into pieces. The flavors are unlike any of a Caesar salad you’ve ever had. It’s the weird combination of lemon garlic croutons, Grana Padano cheese on top, and of course, the main reason it caught our eyes, Anchovies. Not something you find in your everyday caesar salad, but it really should be. Of course, it helps that I like anchovies very much and no stranger to mixing foods. So if you want salad and anchovies, even if you don’t, you should try it. Not a very big portion, but the right way to start your nomnom adventure at this place.

Geary Pizza $19

We came, saw, and ate all their amazing pizza at this fun bar-restaurant in SoMA, a San Francisco neighborhood. This is why we came here, PIZZA! After hearing how this could be one of the best towns, we couldn’t just pass up the opportunity for some nomnom and drinks. That is a beautiful pizza, with so much red! Not your average boring red sauce pizza, but with a sweet topping twist like Manila Clams and garlic bacon. Dam, that is some good thick-cut bacon! BACON! Now that is a unique combination. Not just in name, but in flavor. They added such a delicate feeling that made this one of our favorite dishes of the trip. Usually, I wouldn’t say I like red sauce because it overpowers everything else, but at this place. You can taste all the ingredients on a nice and crispy dough with very light and flavorful red sauce with Calabrian chili and pecorino, parsley. It was so good that I might have eaten half the pizza all by myself before I forcefully had to stop. Tommy hurts, but so good!

Zero Zero Fried Chicken

Dam chicken, you so beautiful and crunchy. I want to eat you, my dear Zero Zero Fried Chicken from Zero Zero, a fun bar-restaurant in SoMA, a San Francisco neighborhood. With the first bite, you hear the crunchy crunch! I love all that crunch that pretty much tunes out the world. After all, it’s all about the fried chicken nomnom. It was and yet very soft and juicy on the inside. They did all that, breading proud with a nice thick layer. On top, it comes with flakes from the cheesy goodness that you have to have with every bite for an extra nomnom flavor. I was surprised that cheese flavor came through all that breading, but that is one strong cheese. Comes with not one but two dipping sauces, chili, and caraway yogurt. Big fan of the yogurt dipping sauce because it’s weird, and it added a nice soft flavor and texture to the chicken. Mhhh crunchy good! It’s one of those dishes that you will keep on eating even if you are full—pretty good value for the price of $14. You get a ton of food that you will love and won’t get enough. It really is a must-order dish. / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Yelp
826 Folsom St. San Francisco, Ca 94107