Truck Patch Pork Belly & Asian Pear from Dino

You can Taste the Love in Dino’s Italian dishes (CLOSED)


Truck Patch Pork Belly & Asian Pear $12

Everything is great with bacon! We’ve put bacon on about anything but yet to try pear. Love bacon, love pears. I think we are in for a taste collision of awesomeness. It’s an interesting sweet peach flavor with smokey bacony. Look how thick that bacon goodness is. The perfect mixture of soft, fatty, and crunchy layers. This makes it one very taste bud fun appetizer. You have to try it.

Dr Joe’s Duck Fegatini $7

Just what the doctor ordered for dinner. It’s just a kick you need to start your noming adventure. Gret Tuscan duck spread served with super soft doughy crostini Italian toast.

Burrata $12

Come with me if you want to cheese! Bufala is one of the strangest nomnom cheese appetizers we’ve tried. It was bizarre because it’s hard on the outside and creamy on the inside. First, I wanted to poke it with my knife. At first, my taste buds were confused and then excited. It’s an excellent mixture of a gooey soft interior with slightly sour flavors with hard mozzarella exterior. It was perfect with kalamata pure, red pepper puree, and roasted tomatoes — the mixture of different flavors and textures on a soft homemade bread made for a great starter dish. You got to get a little bit of everything into one bite-size nom. This is a must-try dish.

Fettucine Crab $15

Holy noticing!! It was like eating a cloud, just so soft and light. It might be my new favorite Alfredo pasta in town. Cream and butter combined with flat thick noodles. Great combination. Many places overdo it with cream and butter to the point you can’t taste anything, and you will suffer from Alfredo hangover, but not this dish. You can really taste everything and especially the deliciousness of Maryland True Blue Crab. This is a dish you have to enjoy slowly and save it. It would be best if you tried this great dish.

Deconstructed Lasagnette $20

Is it broken? Pork, Bacon, and Veal Ragu? Hell Yeah!! That’s some good and weird lasagna. I was told the recipe is slightly altered every day to add surprise and delight for regulars.