Chef's Selected Trio @ Ruth's Chris Bethesda

Yelp Elite Event at Ruth’s Chris Bethesda


We got to try this and other amazing nomnoms at Yelp MD Burbs Elite event sponsored by Absolute.

Creamed Spinach Dip

You are dipping into some nomnom starter dip at one of the best steak houses in the DC area. My kind of thing, thick and creamy way to start your dinner. You get so much that there is plenty to share with friends. It also goes great on top of some grilled chicken and potatoes. Oh, yea!!!

Fingerling Potatoes

Diving into one of the best potatoes dishes during our dinner at this amazing steakhouse in Bethesda, DC suburbs. Finger licking good!!! This is one of our most favorite dishes from the dinner. It combines everything we love thick potato slices, the whole tone of cheese, and bacon. There is some secret sauce in there to give it that extra nomnom punch. It tastes so good, and I couldn’t stop eating them. A great side dish to enjoy with your steak.

Strawberry Toasted Almonds Salad

Get some veggies in you before steak in one of the best steakhouses in Bethesda, DC suburb neighborhood. It’s not just the steak they know how to make, but salads as well—a great combination of strawberries and blue cheese. Two strong flavors played very well together and complimented each other. It comes with very little to no dressing, which lets the ingredient combination play a major flavor role. A small portion is perfect in this case to not fill up and leave plenty of space for the most important thing, STEAK!

Exploring all meat dinner options at one of the best steakhouses in Bethesda, DC suburb neighborhood. Continuing our pre steak noming with succulent shrimp, jumbo scallop, and stuffed chicken. It might be getting a bit hard to save up space before the steak. The absolute winner of this trio was the stuffed chicken. What an amazing flavor, so soft and tender combined with the cheesy goodness combination on the inside. They sure know how to grill and have many things to offer beyond just steak.

Ruth’s Symphony Dessert Duo

End the best dinner night with the best dessert at this fantastic steak house in Bethesda, DC foodie suburbs. The best way to end your night of excellent food is with the sweet, especially when it’s a dessert like this. They are not just about steak and meat here; they put just as much attention to their deserts. It’s super soft cheesecake goodness with honey cinnamon topped with yummy peach compote and served with some lovely chocolates that you should dip into your cheesecake. You might be full from all that food before, but you won’t be able to resist this.