Women's March on Washington DC

Women’s March on Washington DC, City Covered in Pink

On Saturday, January 21st, we went for Women’s March with over 600,000 people from all over the United States for women’s rights and the rights of Muslims, immigrants, LGBTQ, education, science, reproductive rights, and so many more things. It was an impressive event that filled the street of Washington DC. The number of people was so large that there was no space for an actual march. It was a very peaceful rally, even when it spilled out into other parts of the city. We tried to do Facebook Live and Periscope live feeds, but sadly, with such many people, cell service just went down. Even if you got 3 bars, it was a lie, and no single was going through. There wasn’t a place where you did not see signs and pink hats.

We met and chatted with a few attendees, one woman who marched against Vietnam War and now marching with her two daughters. People traveled from different states and other countries. Some asked why we as gay men were there:

“We as a gay man must stand together and fight for women’s rights because they are our biggest allies who have always been there for us. They were the first to accept us, and we must never forget that. We must stand with them and fight together”

Another big reason I marched is that I came to this country and now consider it my how. I have been living in the USA area for 16 years, ever since my family moved here from Belarus. I consider the DC area my home where I grew up. It happens when you go to high school, college, make friends, kiss your first boyfriend, and say I love you for the first time, all in one area. Where I am from, such things are not legal, and the country with Dictatorship government. People are often willing to give up freedom for security and safety and only realize what they lost can not be replaced far too late. We can’t allow similar thing take place here the place I came to consider the home grew up in. It’s important to stand up, be loud, be proud, take action, and be visible.

People created some amazing and very powerful signs to deliver the message to the world. Here are some of our favorite posters we saw during the entire day at the National Mall.