Wet Chicken Burrito @ Taqueria El Metate in Redwood City California

Burrito Makes Me Wet in Right Places @ Taqueria El Metate in California

Get all wet for lunch with a giant Wet Chicken Burrito from Taqueria El Metate, a Mexican restaurant in Redwood City, San Francisco Suburb. While on yet another trip to the San Francisco Bay Area, we went out to find some good burritos! When you are super hungry, then nothing beats like a larger-than-life burrito that is the size of a baby. This thing is so massive that not sure even hungry nomsters like us can finish that. It comes packed with the tone of tasty chicken, beans, rice, and cheese. The sauce on the inside and outside made the whole thing soft and countered all that rice. What makes this place so great is that you can make anything and everything wet. All that sauce and cheese all over makes us wet. We wet it in our mouth and can’t wait to bite into it. It’s one of those dishes you can’t eat with your hands; instead, use a knife and a fork. You can still try, but you might get wet all over. As hungry as we were, we were only able to finish half of it and still needed up in food come for the rest of the day. However, the second half made for a great leftover lunch the next day. So if you are looking for some messy goodness, then this is your kind of order.