Judging Alternative Crab Soup Section at Crab Soup Cook Off at Maryland Seafood Festival 2013

We Are Back Judging Crab Soup Cook Off 2013

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Were we are back for another Crab Soup Cook-Off at Maryland Seafood Festival. I guess they liked our judging powers last year.

Alternative is Back

It was exciting to come back for 2nd year in the row as a judge for the alternative section. I’m ready to be dazzled by weird creations! If you are in the Alternative section, then your soup should really be unusual and strange.

A1 @ Buddy’s Crabs & Ribs (3 NOMs)

I thought it was a bit too watery. I like my crab soup been a bit gooier with more crab meat.

A2 @ Erickson Living (4 NOMs)

First, I wasn’t sure what I was eating. After a closer look, I realized they did something amazing. Wrapped grilled baby corn in bacon. Extra points for bacon goodness!!! The soup consistency was pretty good, and it wasn’t as gooey as I like, but still enjoyable.

A3 @ Chesapeake Bay Beach Club (4 NOMs)

Well, hello, Mr big crab chunks! Now those are big chunks of crab. That’s how to do it at Crab Soup Cook-Off.

A4 @ Federal House Bar (5 NOMs)

My 2nd favorite soup at Crab Soup Cook-Off. Nice mix of tomato and chowder with large pieces of yummy crab meat. I like that creamy and tomato parts were not fully mixed, and every bite had a different consistency. Now, this is a great crab soup.

A5 @ The Oceanaire Seafood Room – Baltimore (4 NOMs)

Continue our crab soup adventure at Crab Soup Cook-Off. It was a bit too tomatoey, and sadly I’m not a big fan of tomato soups, so that I might be biased. I like all the spices added, and it had a nice kick to it. Maybe more crab meat would have offset it more.

A6 @ PassionFish (5 NOMs)

This was one of my favorite soups in the Alternative section and the winner of both Judge and People’s choice. It was so different and unusual that it truly represented what alternative should be. Awww, it’s so yellow happy! I love the light flavors and lots of crab meatiness. It was very gooey. Wish is my kind of crab soup. @ Crab Soup Cook-Off

A7 @ Riderwood Catering (3 NOMs)

Continuing our crab soup adventure at Crab Soup Cook-Off. It was an interesting take on an alternative crab soup. It was a bit too watery and could have used more crab. The broth was pretty good, not my favorite soup, but still enjoyable.

A8 @ Skipper’s Pier (5 NOMs)

My 3rd favorite creation Crab Soup Cook-Off. This crab soup did something that no tomato-based soups have done before. Win over my heart, aka tummy. One of the most beautiful presentations during the cook-off. I love the breaded crab meat on top, corn, and a mixture of flavors.

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