VegeFi Quinoa Burger @ Burgerfi Silver Spring

VegeFi Quinoa Burger @ Burgerfi in Down Town Silver Spring

Vegetarians love burgers, too, so we are trying Quinoa Burger from one of the newer burger joints in Down Town Silver Spring, DC’s city-like suburb. The first bite in, you can taste a fantastic flavor of this quinoa veggie patty. That could be one of the better-tasting nonmeat burgers. It doesn’t need toppings or sauce for extra flavor. It’s just right! Served on a sweet rye bun that can hold together anything and yet be so soft and light. Got to say not an overly attractive quinoa burger, but it tastes better than it looks. The only thing that could have made it better is more of it. With so many great flavors, there was just not enough to satisfy our hunger. Go double or nothing! So next time, we are going to get double the quinoa patty. We sure will next time we fancy some healthy vegetarian option.