Sesame Crusted Hawaiian Big Eye Tuna from Oceanaire Seafood Room

Valentine Day Special @ Oceanaire Seafood Room

Sesame Crusted Hawaiian Big Eye Tuna

What big eyes you have there. I had no idea what I was ordering with this one. I was a bit confused, but it was fun to try this. I enjoy the art of mixing a little bit of everything for every bite. Oh, and that wasabi really hit my nose. I love that! You just might get addicted.

King Crab Dynamite

All hail the king. It’s truly is a king of all crab starter! Crab, avocado, and the sauce had a great soft taste to them. There was no frozen crab taste to it which often is the downfall of some crab dishes. My mouth felt like it was getting the royal treatment.

Clam Chowder

Creamy goodness. You can never go wrong with good old clam chowder soup. Thinking afterward, I think I was expecting more from this soup. I was expecting something fantastic, and it was good, but not fantastic.

Three Deserts

There can’t be dinner without a dessert, but how about 3 deserts—a great way to end your noming during the holiday menu.