Grilled Squid from Romulo Cafe Manila Philippines

Upscale Filipino Comfort Food @ Romulo Cafe in Makati Philippines


Halaan Soup $4

Start your upscale Filipino nomnom adventure with very light Halaan Soup from Romulo Cafe in Makati, Manila suburb Philippines. It’s clamoring time on our trip. Cup is so tiny and cute. This very light flavor broth with fresh clams is a great way to start your noming adventure. It’s a relatively simple dish with not much going on, but it’s the simplicity that makes it so enjoyable. This coup soup cost 360 pesos, which is about $4.

Bistek Tagalog $9

Enjoy a new level of beefness in the Filipino style with Bistek Tagalog from Romulo Cafe in Makati near Manila, Philippines. They sure know their meat Philippines. Mhhh, look at those big slices of beef. That’s a whole lot of food for just $9 (360 Pesos). They are so big, and I can’t wait to eat them. Cooked to perfect tenderness with veggies, soy sauce, and small citrus fruit called calamansi. It’s an ideal mixture of slightly sour and sweet flavors coming together. The menu doesn’t say, but it’s topped with some onion rings! ONION RINGS!!! Now, this makes the world complete.

Cerchio’s Pork Sisig $5

Unleash the crunch of upscale take on Filipino sisig with Cerchio’s Pork Sisig from Romulo Cafe in Makati, Philippines. Holy cruncher! This is one of my most favorite dishes on our trip. A whole lot of fantastic noming for just $5 (250 Pesos). It was like entering pork ultimate crunch heaven! Flavor goodness explosion in my mouth. It’s a pig ear, I know it sounds weird, but it was so good. The fantastic flavor made me not care, and I couldn’t get enough of it. I loved the sunny-side-up quail egg on top. I’m pretty sure I could finish several orders of this. Do they deliver to the USA?

Grilled Squid $14

Beauty in every bite when exploring upscale Filipino food like Grilled Squid from Romulo Cafe in Makati, a suburb of Manila, Philippines. We are continuing our Philippines trip by diving into some weird nomnoms. This is a more upscale restaurant, the prices are a bit higher, but this is still just $14 (450 Pesos). Talk about an excellent presentation. Sad to disturb it by eating, but that won’t stop us. It has perfectly prepared grilled squid stuffed with gooey cheesy goodness, tomatoes, and onions. Squid tends to be more on a hard side but with soft gooey on the inside. With every bite, you have to add some squid-ink rice. An excellent dish that you have to try.