Pork Belly & Eggs @ Cava Mezza in Capitol Hill, Washington DC

Unlimited Brunch Brings Unlimited Taste at Cava Mezza


Mini Cava Breakfast (5/5 NOMs)

A real man eats a big breakfast on small plates like this Mini Cava Breakfast at Cava Mezze, one of our favorite unlimited tapas brunch places on Capitol Hill in DC. You know you need to power yourself up with a hearty breakfast like this. It has everything you need poached eggs, potatoes, hash, and bacon. I love that perfectly seasoned hash with potatoes, onions, and peppers. So few things, yet taste so good. Went so well with that large poached egg on top and running yoke. After all, any egg dish like that must always have a runny yolk. It adds that nice flavor and texture. Pretty cheap order too. At only $7, but best to enjoy it during their unlimited $30 brunch on a normal day.

Challah French Toast (5/5 NOMs)

Go challah for unlimited brunch with French Toast from Cava Mezze, a Greek American tapas restaurant on Capitol Hill near Eastern Market DC. It’s not dessert time, but you can have it any time when it comes to French Toast. We are going French the Greek style, which means it’s all about over feeding us. A table next to us made an order, and it looked so beautiful and appetizing that we just had to get one or two of these. Easy delicious when enjoying their unlimited brunch, but on a normal day, it cost $6. It’s not one of those flimsy things toast and instead of thick-cut challah bread. So much flavor and crunch this Served with delightful honey syrup, berries, and light cream. Unlike many heavy pieces of bread, this was pretty light, and we didn’t feel like we are about to fall into a sugar coma. Good, now we can enjoy even more desserts.

Salmon Bennie (5/5 NOMs)

In the ocean of unlimited brunch, you can only swim like Salmon Bennie from Cava Mezze a Greek American fusion tapas restaurant on Capitol Hill near Eastern Market DC. With multiple Eggs Benedict choices we just had to try them all and compare which is our favorite. This was the winner of the Benedict face-off or should we say eat off. The hickory-smoked salmon was very light and yet flavorful that went great with a large runny egg on top. Even those little capers added a nice taste. The whole goodness comes with a nice serving of a delicious thick hollandaise sauce. Not overly a big dish, but good for tapas for $8, but best enjoyed during their unlimited brunch. We liked it so much that we ordered another serving.

Chicken Sage Sausage (5/5 NOMs)

Perfect Sunday morning starts with a nice big sausage like this Chicken Sage Sausage during brunch from Cava Mezze on Capitol Hill near Eastern Market in DC. Saw the waiter carry an order to the table next to us. The aroma and beauty of this dish just called out to us. So we placed an order as part of our unlimited bottomless brunch. Ah, it did not disappoint, the colors are so vibrant, and grilling marked that made it even more appetizing. Looking at it just made us want to put that sausage into our mouth and go to town on our taste buds. Served with nice light and slightly sweet sauce for that extra flavor. Every bite left us a very happy nomster. The only truly disappointing thing is the size of this dish. It made us so happy that we just needed more. On a regular day, it cost $7, but best to enjoy it during their unlimited brunch. Not so bad since it’s part of the unlimited brunch, so there is no guilt or extra price for getting a few more of them.

Nutella Waffle (5/5 NOMs)

Unlimited waffle means unlimited noms when you are enjoying Nutella Waffle during bottomless brunch at Cava Mezze, one of our favorite places on Capitol Hill in DC. How do you end your fatness galore brunch? The only way possible, with a whole lot of sweetness. This little order has a lot going on there with a crunchy waffle topped with creamy Nutella, light vanilla ice cream, roasted nuts, and banana goodness. With both ice cream and Nutella, it’s like enjoying two different kinds of desserts or do something even better and mix them up. Always great to enjoy two different kinds of textural. Beuty of unlimited brunch, if one order is not enough, you can get a few more.

Spicy Lamb Benedict (5/5 NOMs)

Unleash the running yolk of your unlimited brunch with Spicy Lamb Benedict from Cava Mezze greek tapas place on Capitol Hill near Eastern Market in Washington DC. One of our most favorite thing about Eggs Benedict is the running yolk. When you crack open this egg, there is enough yolk to cover the whole thing and then left for more. We like big eggs, and we can not lie! All that on top of a big and juicy lamb patty. As you crack the egg and cut through the lamb, all that yolk and juices mixed together. Not just spicy in name, it has a very nice kick to it, but not too much. Normally by itself, this costs $8 but best enjoyed during their unlimited brunch. Overall, one of our favorite orders from a perfect Sunday brunch. The best way is to order all of their eggs Benedict and compare.

Pork Belly & Eggs (5/5 NOMs)

Fill your belly with some tasty unlimited brunch with Pork Belly & Eggs from Cava Mezze, a modern take on Greek American food in Capitol Hill, DC suburb. We are very excited to finally make it for an unlimited brunch to one of the famous places in the area. The first dish in, and it just wowed our taste buds away, impressed us so much that it blew past our rating and got a high 6 NOMs score. Some of the thickest pieces of meat and yet so soft with a nice layer of fatty goodness. So flavorful with just the right amount of crunch in every bite. Perfectly combined with a poached egg. To make this dish even better, there is also our favorite hollandaise sauce. The sauce was very light and more liquid, but it worked well to let the pork flavor shine through. By far one of the best bacon dishes we’ve ever had. Not the biggest dish, but pretty good when you are enjoying an unlimited bottomless brunch for $30 per person or $7 a la carte. A must-order for any pork belly that would sure to leave a happy nomster.

www.cavamezze.com / Yelp / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / 527 8th St SE Washington, DC 20003