Chocolate Hazelnut Indulgence $7 @ Barcelona Wine Bar in Reston

Unleashing all the Tapas @ Barcelona Wine Bar in Reston Virginia


Truffled Bikini Sandwich

A whole new take on grilled cheese sandwich with Truffled Bikini Sandwich from Barcelona Wine Bar. A new Spanish tapas place in Reston, Virginia, on DC’s Silver Metro Line. One of the great things about tapas is that you can try many different things, so we were delighted to try these tiny sandwich triangles. As soon as they brought them out all warm, you can smell the ham and grilled bread. It’s like an advanced version of-of a grilled cheese sandwich with a high-end restaurant preparation touch. Biting into it was pure joy with a lovely massive crunch and thick layers of ham. It’s all about that ham goodness when it comes to this sandwich. It tastes so good that we can enjoy it every day. The flavor makes up because it’s just too small, but smaller means we can enjoy other great dishes from one of the best tapas places in town. Though, we just asked for more of these tasty sandwiches. Can we get some to go?!

Potato Tortilla a Spanish Omelet

Nothing beats a Spanish breakfast omelet for dinner like Potato Tortilla from Barcelona Wine Bar, a Spanish tapas restaurant in the heart of Reston Town Center, DC’s suburb on Silver Line. A very traditional dish with lots of thin slices of potatoes and eggs. A very thick dish which is perfect for hungry nomster either its breakfast or dinner. It’s nothing like most American omelets and more of a quiche-style dish, which we have nothing against since we love quiche and anything with eggs. Very light and soft eggs with lots of nomnom potatoes throughout. Served on a side with chive our cream, but with such a well-prepared dish you don’t need any and enjoy it in all its glory. Unlike most of their other larger than tapas size, this is a pretty small dish for $5 that you might have to order more of it. Even for its small size, it was a very satisfying dish.

Spiced Beef Empanadas $7

Spice up your Spanish tapas dinner with Spiced Beef Empanadas from Barcelona Wine Bar in the heart of Reston Town Center, DC’s suburb, on the silver line. This was our favorite order of the night and could be the best Empanadas in the area. Two large beefy Empanadas, and you know how much we love beefy things in our mouths. So moist and flavorful that every bite was simply pure heaven. Seasoned to perfection that every bite had a nice spicy kick to it. Unlike many other places that end up overcooking and making them dry, this was a vibrant and soft filling. Even though this is tapas, price wise it ends up the same as most other places, but with far better quality. It was so good that we ended up ordering it four more times. After all, you can never have enough of a good thing.

Chicken Jamon Croquettes Tapas $7

Little balls of tapas fried goodness Chicken Jamon Croquettes from new Barcelona Wine Bar tapas restaurant in Reston Town Center, on DC’s silver line. Ah, we are such a big fan of these deep-fried balls of goodies. Not just because we love saying balls, but because they taste so good. This bite-size dish satisfies the foodie’s every sense with a great aroma of spices, loud crunch, and excellent flavor. The crunch is half the better when it comes to croquettes, so we were happy to hear that extra crunch. It comes with excellent and well-balanced chicken and cheese filling—just the right amount of both where neither overpowers the other. Great flavor on their own, but garlic aioli sauce makes it even better. A nice surprise is the spicy seasoning on top that just gave it a nice light kick after every bite. So good wish there was more of them. So I just got to order up a few more of these.

Patatas Bravos Tapas $7

Start your tapas adventure with traditional Patatas Bravos from the new Barcelona Wine Bar tapas restaurant in Reston Town Center, on DC’s silver line. A true test for a Spanish place is to try the simple yet delicious Patatas Bravos. These do not disappoint, seasoned and cooked perfectly. Served with nice and red sauce for an extra kick. However, we prefer the creamy butter sauce with light and did not overpower the potatoes. Great starting order to nibble on while enjoying a nice glass of wine. It is nothing small about this order, the nice large portion that’s enough to share with several friends while waiting for more food. It’s almost like you are not eating tapas and instead of having a full dish. So make sure to start your foodie experience with this dish.

Chocolate Hazelnut Indulgence Cake (5/5 NOMs)

There is a new tapas place in town, and no better way to celebrate is with a Chocolate Hazelnut Indulgence Cake from Barcelona Wine Bar in Reston, DC area. Oh, a true indulgence in every single bite, thick and gooey chocolate-hazelnut goodness that makes all the taste buds jump with excitement. A funny thing about us is that we are allergic to raw Hazelnut, but after the waiter described this cake to us, we just had to risk it. Luckily, we are just allergic to raw hazelnut. Such a rich chocolate dessert that you have to enjoy it slowly to appreciate it truly. Richness, hazelnut flavor, and thick gooey texture together make this one of the most amazing desserts we’ve tried recently. Though it tastes so good, you might have to work extra hard to slow it down. It’s not a big dessert, so make sure to savor every single spoonful. Goes perfectly with strawberry syrup and vanilla ice cream. The sweet and cool sensation makes this a perfect way to finish your tapas experience. Price-wise it’s great and only $7, so go and indulge to your heart’s content. / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram
12023 Town Square St, Reston, VA 20190