Veggie Benedict Tapas $8 @ MASA 14 on U st in DC

Ultimate All Your Eat Tapas Brunch @ MASA 14 (CLOSED)

Veggie Benedict Tapas $8

Get fantastic for unlimited brunch with Veggie Benedict Tapas from Masa 14, Asian Fusion restaurant on U st, DC’s foodie neighborhood. We go all challah on you. You can’t have brunch without an eggs benedict dish! The first thing you notice about this dish is it’s not English muffins or regular bread, it’s CHALLAH!! A super-soft piece of bread topped with poached egg, spinach, and fried tomatoes. It’s a pretty small dish and not much to share, so order individual ones. I like their abnormal take-hollandaise sauce with green chili mix. It didn’t really make it spicy but added a so light hint to the egg. I wish there were more sauce because I like my poached eggs drenched with hollandaise sauce! Fun Benedict dish I will have to order again and maybe go for few portions at one time.

Chilaquiles Chips Tapas $7

Get crunchy brunch at unlimited brunch with Chilaquiles Tortilla Chips from Masa 14, an Asian Latin fusion restaurant on U St in DC. We go all chip on your tortillas. I don’t call chips a corn tortilla. I usually expect them to be big, so I was a little surprised by this. It’s an exciting dish with chorizo topped with corn tortillas (chips), queso, soft scrambled eggs, and salsa verde. I didn’t think this chorizo had many flavors; I’m using it as a powerful flavor, but here I’m not sure I even tasted it. In the end, I think all I tasted were the chips. It’s a fun dish. I’m all about unusual, but not sure I would order it again.

Fruit & House Made Granola Tapas $4

Get some healthy sweetness at your unlimited tapas brunch with Fruit & House Made Granola from Masa 14, an Asian Latin fusion restaurant on U st. I think everyone should be eating this for breakfast and brunch. I love the house-made granola, it was crunchy but not too hard, so I didn’t feel like I’m eating rocks. The fruit tasted nice and fresh with the creamy goodness of Yogurt. Oh, yea, this is my kind of fruit salad. Got to order it again, maybe one per person cause I’m so not sharing!

Bahn Mi Burger Tapas $9

Explore the Latin Asian fusion tapas branch with Bahn Mi Burger from Masa 14 bottomless brunch on U St, DC’s foodie neighborhood. Hello, tiny sexy beast of burger goodness! An ultimate fusion dish that brings together Latin, Asian, and American cuisine in one tiny nomnom. The pork was incredibly soft and juicy. I love the citrus aioli. For such a little thing, it has a strong flavor — small bites of goodness. I won’t just come back to order more; I will order about five more.

Bacon Fried Rice Tapas $7

Unleash the Asian Fusion all your can tapas brunch with Bacon Fried Rice from Masa 14, a Latin – Asian fusion restaurant on U st, DC’s foodie neighborhood. Its Kimchi rice is topped with a fried sunnyside-up egg and bacon. Oh, yea, you can never go wrong with this perfect nomnom combo. I love the soft, sticky rice. Since it’s kimchi, I expected it to be a bit spicy, but it wasn’t. This hungry nomster will be ordering this again for sure.

Breakfast Pizza

Unleash the joy of your very own Masa Breakfast Pizza from Masa 14, Asian Latin Fusion restaurant on U St in DC with one of the best-unlimited brunches in town. Who doesn’t want to start their day with an excellent breakfast pizza? Holy pizza, there is a sunny-side-up egg on top!!! Plus, there is BACON and gruyere cheese. Ah, what a fantastic pizza. I can eat one all by myself or maybe a couple of them. It usually costs $7, which is still an excellent price for such a nom dish, but hey, when it’s unlimited, you should order up everything.

Wok Fried Home Fries Tapas $4

Explore unlimited Asian Latin fusion brunch with an order of Wok Home Fries Tapas from Masa 14 on U St in DC. You can never go wrong with an order of potatoes, onion, and papers. They didn’t taste like home fries we used to. Something was missing; they were way too soft and wet to be considered home fries. It was mushier and maybe should just be turned into mash potatoes. Perhaps my taste buds are too close-minded? Not sure I would try this dish again.

Spiced Salmon Steak Salad Tapas $9

Explore the world of Asian Latin fusion at unlimited brunch with a unique Spiced Salmon Steak Salad from Masa 14 on U st, DC foodie neighborhood. Very light and soft salmon with a nice little hint of wasabi in there. I felt very healthy eating this after breakfast pizza. There wasn’t really that much avocado in there.