Bahn Tom Co Ngu Hanoi from Hanoi House

U Street Has a New Modern Pho Place @ Hanoi House

Bahn Tom Co Ngu Hanoi $9

New place in town, and we start pancake style. Every Vietnamese nomnom adventure should include this Shrimp multi-layer dish in some form: Hanoi-style shrimp cake and Japanese sweet potatoes. I love the crispy out of the shell with so many goodies on the inside. It comes with very nomnom veggies. It’s an entree, but we ordered it as our starter—a great dish to share for a group.

Pho Bo $9

Pho-ing around. New pho place in town, and we just had to check it out. The broth tasted a bit weak and needed more flavor—nothing compared to Pho 75’s broth. I wanted to try all their meats and order all the extras they had. I was expecting it would just be overflowing with meaty goodness, but they barely put any there. Ate all the meat in no time. It’s a new place, and I will be back in a few months to try it again.

Chuoi Chien Dot Ruou $7

OMG, it’s ON FIRE!!! Holy bananas, can you see? It’s actually on fire! I love this fire goodness. Best presentation ever served not just sizzling, but actually on fire. You got to blow it out. I love these banana fritters flambe, caramel sauce with very nomnom vanilla ice cream. Mix the fire goodness with cold soft smoothness. I think this is the craziest dessert I’ve had in DC. Great dessert you have to order and experience.