Banana Chocolate Chip @ That Cheesecake Truck

Trucktoberfest Food Truck Festival in Wheaton

Banana Chocolate Chip $5 @ That Cheesecake Food Truck

Cheesecake on a stick from one of the best nomnoms for lunch from DC food truck. Probably one of the perfect food truck desserts, especially for those who eat it on the go. They serve it in a cup, and the lid serves as your guard to keep your cute outfit clean. It’s a no-hassle perfect food truck nomnom. Perfectly refreshing sweetness to enjoy on a hot day. Loving the hard thick chocolate on the outside and soft inside. First, bite in, and you can taste the banana flavor, not too strong as to overpower everything, and yet still come through when biting through that hard super chocolaty exterior. It doesn’t feel like a food truck, more like we are eating at the high-end restaurant. It’s a big piece of cheesecake, and I thought about sharing but then realize I want it all to myself. Make sure to try this even if you are already full; it’s worth overeating.

Shrimp Pil Pil $9 @ Tapas Truck

Tasting some tapas on wheals for lunch from one of DC’s Spanish food trucks. Thinking of its tapas, I was surprised with the portion, which is a pleasant surprise since tapas are too expensive and too small. Not enough to fill up multiple friends, but enough to share so you can try other nomnom tapas. A nice layer of crispy shrimp with a sweet smokey red sauce on top of garlic fries. Shrimp was very light and not overly too breaded so you can still taste the original flavors, but at the time seem a bit bland. Fries were not as garlicky as we hoped for, more of regular fries. Be careful, it’s hot, and they serve it quickly and fresh.