The Best of DC Food with Top NOMs 2018

Top NOMs of 2018, The Best Food in DC Metro Area


2018 has passed, it was a weird year of politics and crazy people, but also, it was a year of fantastic food in the DC metro area. Good food always makes things better. We’ve had a lot of food this and are happy to finally bring you our annual Top NOMs of the year. We ate hundreds of Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia dishes. These are the Best Food that can be found in the area. Make sure to check out our previous Top NOMs over the years.

Best Vegetarian Dish / Delicata Squash @ Tico

When a dish looks that good and is declared the best of the night by meat lovers with a high score of 6 NOMs, it must be excellent and worthy of being named the best food in DC. Make sure to read the full review and all of the sexual pleasure this dish brought us.

Best Fried Chicken / Taiwanese Fried Chicken @ CheersCut

You always win a special place in our hearts with a big thick piece of meat. Like this amazingly breaded Taiwanese chicken. Less breading than American chicken, yet so much better. Everything about it screamed our favorite fried chicken place and the best food in DC. Check out the full review to see why we love big pieces of meat like this.

Best Peking Duck / Peking Duck @ Q by Peter Chang

Q by Peter Chang is well known for its excellent Peking Duck and good reasons. This is by far one of our favorite Chinese places. Make sure to check out full restaurant review to see why we love this place so much.

Best Cheese / Mezcal Flamed Queso Fundido @ Tico

A beautiful dish like this you either eat or make love to it. Maybe after the fire goes out, or things might get too hot. We love cheese, and this dish, by far, has surpassed all the cheesy stuff around town. Tico is coming in strong with another best dish of the year; make sure to read the full review to see all the cheesy details.

Best Bagel / Salmon Spread & Peach Jam Bagel @ Call Your Mother Deli

Mother knows best about food, and Call Your Mother Deli sure knows their bagels. We just fell in love with this bagel. Such a great savory and sweet combination. A place worth taking your mom there.

Best Deviled Eggs / Japanese Deviled Eggs @ Haikan

These eggs sure left an impression on us. How often do you find Ramen eggs made into Deviled Eggs with fish eggs on top—one of those dishes with an unexpected flair that will make you come back for more?

Best Takoyaki / Takoyaki @ Jinya Ramen Bar Logan Circle

We love Takoyaki so much that it deserves a section of its own, and Jinya is one of the few places that knows how to do it right. Make sure to read full review and learn why we love those balls.

Best Omelete / Spinach Goat Cheese Omelete @ The Dish and Dram

The suburbs are coming in hot with the best omelet in town from The Dish and Dram. While it was the day’s special, we add ham to it. It did leave a special tasty place in our hearts and tummies.

Best Pizza / Hot Mess @ Frankly Pizza

OMG, this pizza is the most amazing thing we’ve ever tasted. So many different things together and create such a unique flavor. We have just wowed away. Kensington represents suburbs!

Best Hot Pot / Hot Pot Legend

2018 has been a year of hot pot for us! Our amazing partner introduced us to this great nomnom, and we have never returned. Hot Pot Legend won our hearts due to the large number of meats, tofu, veggies, and other ingredients we can add to the broth. Even though there is a long wait time, it’s all worth it. Later this year, we will release our Best Hot Pots in the DC area.

Best Bacon / Miso Bacon @ Masa14

One of our favorite unlimited tapas brunches comes with a thick piece of Bacon. You know we love a thick and long piece of meat.

Best Ramen / Cha Shu Ramen @ Maki

Look at this beautiful bowl of pork ramen! Thick pieces of pork, noodles, and eggs won this the best Ramen in the DC area. The great thing about this place is the extra toppings you can add.

Best Tacos / Mushroom Tacos @ Chia

Who knew that a place that only serves Vegetarian tacos would be the best taco place in town? Their Mushroom taco is by far our favorite.

Best Bubble Tea / Taro Bubble Tea @ Gong Cha

Taro is our favorite, and Gang Cha, one of the newest Bubble Tea additions to the DC area, makes a killer one.

Best Quick Bites / Okonomiyaki @ Uzu9

This popular Japanese street nomnom brought to DC by Uzu9 is a dish that your taste buds will remember for a long time.

Fan Choice / The Spot Asian Food Hall

It looks like you all like the Asian food halls, as the new Spot in Rockville, Maryland, is our most popular review of the year.