Volcano Roll from Niwano Hana

Time for Sushi on Rockville Pike @ Niwano Hana

Volcano Roll $9

The volcano is exploding. Eat for your life!!! Oh wait, it’s just a sushi roll. It’s one of their best roles here. Its an exploding sushi volcano with Spicy Mayo, Shrimp Tempura, Smelt-egg, Avocado, Ao-Nori Flake, Cucumber and Crab Stick Tempura. Great presentation with lots of sweet and spicy sauce on top.

Alligator Roll $12

Lookout and alligator might eat you! One of our most favorite sushi rolls at Niwano Hana. This is one of the places to go to for high-quality sushi in Rockville. It’s an alligator! How can you pass up on sushi with an alligator? Well, not real alligator meat. I kind of wish it was. It’s a giant slab of avocado, eel, shrimp tempura with yummy sauce on top. A great mix of soft and crunch in every bite. Look, it sparkles in the light! One of their more pricy rolls, but it’s worth it.

Dragon Roll $16

It looks like a freaking dragon! Sometimes sushi is too beautiful to eat. So much thick eal, oh wow, so good! Special order off the wall for $16, and IT’S WORTH IT! It’s now on the list of my favorite rolls from this place.

Sushi Deluxe Box $14

At lunch, you must try a box—a great assortment of nomnom California Rolls, nigiri with miso soup, and salad. You could have this box for lunch, but I MUST have MORE when it comes to sushi!