Spicy Fire Mussels from Ikko

The Sushi Gem of East West Highway @ Ikko Sushi


DC Monument Roll $14

Size does matter, especially when it’s all about the giant sushi roll, more like the king of all rolls! It’s a multi-layer amazing sushi creation. This ginormous roll has a lot in it with Spicy Tuna, avocado, fish egg, spicy crab meat, rice, and special sauce. As big as my head. Great to share with friends. Not sure one person can even eat this whole thing.

Spicy Fire Mussels

Best served on FIRE! How often do you get dishes served on fire? Great and fun little dish. We received a complimentary dish, and I don’t think it’s acutely on the menu. It’s just so cool! The only question, do we blow it out or let it burn? They really need to add it to the menu.

Eel Bowl $17

It’s all about the awesomeness! WOWZY, this is one of the most nomnom Eel dishes. I love the deliciousness of eel and sauce on top of sticky sushi rice. At first, I thought it was a little bitty thing, but dam, it’s a lot of food. It was so good that I couldn’t stop and had to have it all, even when full. One of the best eel dishes I’ve ever tried. So going to get this again.

Shrimp Mountain Roll

Up the mountain of shrimp! No wonder it’s called a mountain. The presentation is very mountains! I was a bit disappointed by this one. Ship Tempura on top was pretty good, but the rolls were just average.

Love Roll

Is it time for Valentine already? Very flavorful roll with a lot going on? I lost count of how many different flavors I tasted—a good addition to their new daily specials.

Dragon Roll $16

Let’s slay a dragon. Awww, it looks like a dragon and even has eyes! What an amazing presentation! It even has eyes, just too cute. California rolls topped with a nice thick layer of eel goodness and masago sauce. Presentation and a crazy amount of eel make this one of my favorite rolls. You must stop by and try this roll!

Fried Rice Balls

awww they are showing us some love. I love places that recognize their regular customers and show them some love with complementary dishes. At Ikko, their chef made us an off the menu deep-fried rice balls filled with salmon and topped with spicy sauce. It was like eating little balls of goodness.

Las Vegas Roll $11

It was impressive than before. This is one of my most favorite rolls at this place and area. For some reason, it tasted even better than before! It’s full of nomnom creamy delicateness. There is so much going on with this deep-fried goodness crab meat, avocado, cream cheese, egg, and asparagus. Must order!

Snow White Roll

Great to see new rolls. They now have different daily special sushi rolls. Good to see a new addition to this place! The name really suits this role. It is very white and light like snow.

Tiger Sushi Roll

What does sushi say? Rawr when you are enjoying Tiger Sushi Roll from Nikko, a Japanese Hibachi restaurant in Reston, Virginia, right on Silver Line. Not all cool places are located in Reston Town Center, and this restaurant right outside serves up some amazing sushi nom noms. The key is to go for their special menu where all the goodies are. Ah, this sushi roll looks like a tiger, a beautiful thing with stripes and bold colors. It is a bit on the heavy side that can easily fill you up, but you never really enjoy just one roll. Overall the sushi texture was very soft with great rice combined with the avocado, sauce, and so much that it makes for a very smooth and soft bit. Topped with some eel and spicy sauce for that extra kick. The only thing that could have made this role better is the addition of real tiger meat. Yes, we are weird like that :).

www.nikkoreston.com / Facebook / Yelp
11730 Plaza America Dr, Reston, VA 20190