Thai Ice Cream from Class 520

Stir Fry Ice Cream at Class 520 Will Blow Your Sweet Tooth (UPDATED)


We are about to blow all over your sweet tooth mouth with amazing Thai Stir-Fried Ice Cream Rolls from local Class 520 in Rockville, a suburb of Washington D.C. What is stir-fried ice cream, you ask? Well, it’s kind of like the ice cream at Coldstone, but way cooler and way better. This popular Thailand street dessert is now making its way to the USA with Class 520’s Rockville location and a few other locations in the D.C. metro.

About Thai Stir Fry Ice Cream

This is a different kind of stir-fry, where milk and toppings are mixed on top of a steel plate that is so cold, below the freezing temperature, turning the ingredients into a crystallized sheet or ice cream. That’s then served with some extra toppings – cookies, candies, and so much more. The mixture is normally soy or dairy milk with various toppings, like fruit (to make it healthy, lol) and other sweets for that extra sugar rush (yes!). Then everything is rolled into rolls.

Make sure not to walk away too far from the counter because half the fun is watching the art of creating these ice cream rolls. That’s why we have a few videos for you below. Price-wise, this place is not wrong, with most rolls priced at $7. Each roll comes with one free topping, but additionally, toppings are 50 cents, which can add up quickly. Sometimes, however, it can be worth getting those extra nomnoms. Don’t be sad if the Rockville or Bethesda locations are too far; this place is becoming so popular that an additional 5 locations are opening in the D.C. metro area.

Smores Galore Roll (5/5 NOMs)

There hasn’t been a better way to enjoy s’mores like this S’mores Galore Roll ice cream from Class 520. Stir-fry ice cream is truly amazing because you can add any topping to it. Here we are enjoying this traditional American campfire snack in a whole new way. Probably a way better way, too! You can’t have s’mores without graham crackers and chocolate. Well, here they are, all crushed and mixed in together with the ice cream to create the roll. Plus, we get some toasted marshmallows sprinkled on top. The sweetness doesn’t end there because we still get to add some toppings. For our three-topping picks, we went for graham crackers for that extra crunch, as well as chocolate and M&Ms, because you can never have enough chocolate. OMG, it tasted so good. This is, by far, one of our favorite orders here.

Oreo’s Secret Roll (5/5 NOMs)

In the words of drag queen superstar Alyssa Edwards, these Oreos have a secret, and it’s tasty and rolled up in Oreo’s Secret in Class 520. What is the secret, you ask? Honestly, we have no idea! However, whatever it might be, it tastes amazing. This has everything you love about Oreos but in an ice cream roll form. The oreo cookie is crushed and mixed with the milk on a frozen stone to create the rolls. Then we added some rainbow sprinkles, strawberries, and chocolate on top because we are sugar lovers like that. Class 520 only adds one oreo cookie into the ice cream, and it was just the right amount, allowing us to taste the rest of the toppings still.

Rainbow Roll (5/5 NOMs)

Any unicorn would be happy for a rainbow in each bite when noming on the sweetness of Rainbow Roll at this magical place. This place sure knows the rainbow because this roll is full of sparkles and tasty things. As a gay foodie, there is no reason not to try it. It might just make you extra happy. When it comes to fruity pebbles and sprinkles (as any respected rainbow mus include) and honey, why not add it all? You know honey is good for you, so this is healthy-ish…not really… but sometimes we got to lie to our brain so our tummy can be happy ;). There was so much sugary goodness, and our taste buds were jumping with sparkling excitement—a great and refreshing way to stay cool on these hot summer days.

Mad Mango (4 NOMs)

Unleash the hulk of sugar madness with Mad Mango. It’s so mad you might want to smash, maybe just by eating more stir-fry ice cream. This is one of those fruity desserts, with mango and strawberries together. We tasted more of the mango than the strawberry. All it’s good since we are such big fans of this dessert. Where did madness go? With the main ingredients being a fruit, it’s very light and not too sugary ice cream. We are sugar lovers and need a bit more, but it’s perfect for those who prefer lighter desserts and don’t want a sugar coma. We just had to add some extra toppings and ask for sprinkles. / Facebook / Instagram / Yelp Rockville
5 Dawson Ave Rockville, MD 20850