Lucy Ricardo Milkshake $5 @ Satellite Room

The Spot for Tater Tots and Milkshakes @ Satellite Room on U Street in Washington DC

Tater Tots $5

Huston, we have a problem, not enough Tater Tots from Satellite Room, a fun restaurant on U Street in Washington DC. Not the most common starter dish, and we are always super excited for some. Oh yea, they know how to serve them right. Freshly deep-fried and nomnom warm. With a perfect crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Seasoned so well that you don’t need to dip them into anything. It was so hard not to eat them all up in one go. These might be the best tater tots we’ve had this year.

Lucy Ricardo Milkshake $5

This milkshake brings all the hungry foodies to the yard from a unique late-night bar-restaurant on U St, DC’s foodie neighborhood. Nothing beats chocolate milkshake. Damn, that is one very thick milkshake I can’t wait to drink up. The thicker, the better I say! With a strong chocolate flavor. I know I failed to order a non-alcoholic version without Johnny Walker Black, but I will next time. Can’t wait to come back for more yummy things. Do you like spiked or regular milkshakes?

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