Scheherazade Turkey Sandwich $7 @ Booeymonger in Friendship Heights DC

The Sandwich Spot in Friendship Heights @ Booeymonger

Scheherazade Turkey Sandwich $7

Time for a great lunch during the workweek with Scheherazade Sandwich from one of our favorite sandwich shop chains in Friendship Heights, DC’s upscale neighborhood. Ordering things with weird names can be scary! Great to stop by one of our favorite sandwich places in town. Very interesting, the addition of mango chutney was excellent. Many things in this sandwich mayonnaise, mango chutney, alfalfa sprouts, freshly sliced turkey breast, swiss cheese, and french baguette. The texture felt very unusual while eating. At first, I couldn’t decide if I like this turkey sandwich or not. Freshly sliced turkey breast, Swiss cheese, and mango chutney with alfalfa sprouts and mayonnaise on a french baguette. Another great sandwich place!

Italian Sub $7

I want to order hot Italian pls! Like this nomnom hot Italian piece of meat, I mean sandwich. Cold sub with hot bites! Comes with genoa salami, mortadella, and provolone cheese, Italian dressing, mayonnaise, sliced onion with lettuce, and tomato. Hot peppers on request! And I added BACON!