House Smoked BBQ Chicken from Addie's

The Feast at Addie’s

House Smoked BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Smoke the house. Now, this is a little better than the disappointing starter. I like that you can really taste the smokey BBQ with every bite, but not too much. It didn’t taste like they just dumped a lot of BBQ sauce on it. Big kudos for not overdoing it. Overall not a bad sandwich that I could order again.

Fried Chincoteague Oysters

Let’s start with some big stuff. I was excited to try this starter since so many people recommended it to me. It might have been their off day, but it wasn’t enjoyable. The only thing that does make this a good dish was the Chipotle RĂ©moulade. It added a lot of flavors and masked the slightly freshly defrosted taste. Not sure if this is something I would order again.

Chocolate Brownie Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

hello, gooey thickness! Oh, hello there!!! Now, this is one very gooey thick brownie. DAM, I LOVE IT! I love the gooey warm, and cold Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. It was a super nomnom every bite. Now, this is something I would order again!


I guess when you see a BLT, you shouldn’t really expect much? I was hoping for some more since this is Addie’s, and it might have been a more fancy version of a BLT. Though, not this time. It didn’t get 2 NOMs because bacon was very nice and thick, and I could really taste it. Anytime you can get your bacon flavor pop, I like it. Still, it’s a normal BLT you would find anywhere else. I don’t think I would be ordering this. If you are really craving BLT, then go to a deli.