Latkes Lox Eggs from Parkway Deli Restaurant in Downtown Silver Spring

The Best Jewish Deli Breakfast in Town @ Parkway Deli in Silver Spring

Latkes, Lox & Eggs $10 (5/5 NOMs)

The best breakfast is at dinner — a perfect dish from one of our favorite places. Two latkes (potato pancakes) topped with Nova and two eggs. I love the two runny eggs going everywhere. Get a little bit of everything in every bite for a nomnom time in your mouth. Potato pancakes were very thick and were more like patties. The hidden gem of this dish that brought out the flavor was the apple pure. It was not on the menu and made for a pleasant surprise. One of our most favorite breakfasts that combine the two best things; amazing flavors and low price. An excellent dish that I’m excited to have again.

Latkes (5/5 NOMs)

About to dive into some of the best Jewish latkes dinners in Silver Spring, DC suburb foodie neighborhood. A lot more deep-fried than what I’m used to. Mhhh, deep-frying always makes everything better. Something about combining the sweet apple pure with these potatoes pancakes make for one of our most favorite order here. The flavor was so unbelievable that I almost didn’t recognize the apple flavor. The combination of latkes and apple was amazing. It makes for a perfect dish as a side or to share with a friend. This will make a perfect dish for any meal of the day!!

Hash Brown Omelet $9

We are moving to omelet town. Most amazing omelet ever created! It’s an omelet stuffed with hash brown. How crazy is this town! Also packed with bacon and melted cheddar. It also comes with a choice of toast, English muffin, or bagel. A whole lot of food for such a low price. One of my most fav omelets!

French Fries $4 (5/5 NOMs)

Time to order a perfect pairing to any dish with French Fries from parkway Deli our favorite Jewish deli in Silver Spring, DC’s large suburb. This place is the staple of the area, well know by the locals and always busy. Who doesn’t love some fries? I know we love them and when its order can never get enough. Even if you are already full, you can find yourself keep eating it. This would make a perfect side order to any dish at this great Jewish deli. Even if I don’t order sandwiches or burgers, I still get these fries. They are super crispy and don’t taste dry or recently frozen. For just $4, you get enough fries for 3 people. A great side to share and enjoy with friends. It also makes a great appetizer if you need to nibble on something before the main course—these hands down some of our favorite fries in the area.

Maryland Crab Cake Dinner $15 (5/5 NOMs)

Unleash the Maryland crab in you. We are stopping by for another fantastic dinner at one of our favorite Silver Spring places. Two super giant crab cakes prepared to perfection. So soft and flavorful, they were made just right, not too dry and not too sweet. We have tasted so fresh as if just out of the bay and into the crab cake form. It was pure joy eating them, and I just had to eat slowly to savor every single bite. Great with a side of that fantastic tartar sauce. I almost ordered extra sauce because I am hungry nomster greedy like that. Great dinner is not over yet, and it also comes with a side of some of the best fries in town. There is no need for any dipping sauce to enjoy them, but hey, tartar sauce always makes everything even better. You also get a choice of an additional side with your crab cake, and we just had to order some Latkes, read in our other review. Perfect dinner noming for any Maryland crab fan. Make sure to order up.