Banger Sausage and Mash $16 @ Limerick Pub Wheaton

Tasting the Irish Pub Fare at Limerick Pub Wheaton

Banger Sausage and Mash $16

Late night drinks and food with traditional sausages and potatoes from an Irish pub hear of Wheaton, DC’s up-and-coming foodie suburb. When enjoying a few drinks late at night, you want something that will help you enjoy even more drinks. This traditional Irish dish would make any sausage fan happy. Two lovely and thick lamb and beef sausages served with a side of creamy mashed potatoes and potato croquettes. Just fell in love with these balls and sausage combination. Served with a side of very spicy mustard for some extra kick to it.

Crabby Pretzel $10

Going to Krabby shack under the sea! I couldn’t pass by baked soft pretzel smothered in crab spread and cheddar cheese, more like a mountain of flavorful crabby cheesy goodness on top of a soft pretzel. It’s very ready, so make sure to split it with a friend or two. I don’t really see something like this often—a great starter to an adventure under the sea.

Vegan Sausage $9

Let’s dive into meatless meaty goodness! This grilled apple and sage sausage came highly recommended by one of our nomster fans. At first glance, I couldn’t even see the sausage, and they just piled a mountain of sauteed mushrooms and onion. The sausage texture was identical to that of a real bratwurst. It comes with Guinness mustard on the side, but be careful and don’t use too much. It has such a strong flavor that it might take away from the sausage. A lot is going on, and you need a big bun to hold it all together. I think this is a must-try for any vegetarian.