Gyoza Dumplings from Daikaya

Tasting the Famous Daikaya Ramen in Chinatown, DC

Shoyu Ramen $12

Defeat the polar vortex with the power of ramen. Nothing can beat a nice big bowl of hot noodle soup on these cold days. I love the beautiful presentation and all the colors. What sets this apart from other places is their careful attention to the art of ramen. The soup base is a great combination of different flavors, blended into one light broth prepared for 16 hours. It’s no ramen without the noodles, made and flow directly from Japan. They pack a lot into all their soup bowl with roasted pork, ground pork, bean sprouts, onions, and much more. Shoyu comes with a yummy soft-boiled egg. There are many extra toppings you can add, starting as low as 35c to $3. We love eggs, so I made sure to add some extra. This is more traditional Japanese ramen that doesn’t rely as much on meat. Not a big deal-breaker, but being a meat lover, I kind of wish there was more of it. You can always get extra next time. This is definitely a spot you must try. Make sure to get there early as it’s a tiny place with first-come bases.

Gyoza Dumplings $6

Pair your ramen with some Gyoza Dumplings from Daikaya, a new Japanese ramen place in Chinatown, DC. Dumplings make for a great starter dish: 5 lightly pan-fried dumplings, soft crunch on the outside with pork and cabbage filling on the inside. You get a lot for your money, and many places charge a lot more for the same thing. A relatively simple dish that tasted good but left me wanting more. With Daikaya’s high-quality dishes, I was expecting more, a lot more. Even with a nice dip into soy sauce, the flavor felt a bit bland, like it was missing something. It’s still a good dish, and I didn’t regret ordering it.