Herb Crusted Prime Rib Steak from Founding Farmers

Tasting the Best of Founding Farmers DC

Bacon Lollipops Appetizer $9

Order up an ultimate appetizer or even dessert called Bacon Lollipops from our favorite Founding Farmers restaurants in Foggy Bottom, DC. HOLY GOD OF ALL BACON!!!!!!! This was simply the most amazing dish ever create! You know it’s good when no one is talking, and all you hear are crunchy bacon noises and low moaning sounds of joy. It’s one of those unique dishes that bring true flavor tranquility to every taste bud. Cinnamon brown sugar glazed covered bacon on a stick. Either way, it won’t disappoint you, and you might leave a happier person. I’m drooling just thinking about these don’t understand why you haven’t already ordered it! DO IT NOW! and bring me some, too. XD.

Oven Roasted Black Pepper Wings $9

Another super nomnom starter. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted wings that good. Very soft on the inside a nice roasted on the outside with excellent soy glaze. You got to squeeze the lime. It makes a big difference in taste. Must try appetizer!

Lobster Mac & Cheese $28

Super cheesy cheesiness. I was so excited to eat it that I used two forks. Welcome to Mac n Cheese heaven. Prepared just the way I like mine. Crunchy on top and cheesy, gooey nomnom inside. I can’t believe how much cheese is in there with big chunks of lobster. Great order that you have to try. I’m eating leftovers right as I’m writing it.

Devilish Eggs Combo $14

There is a devil in me. Or about to be one, I eat all of this. Going combo gets you to try different deviled eggs with salmon, lobster, crab meat, and regular. There are so much lobster and crab meat, and those things are overflowing. Not as much salmon, and I kind of wish there was more of it. Each one has such a unique and different flavor, and it’s so hard to pick the best one. I want more and more of them all. I kind of wish we could replace the regular for an extra seafood one. After you go combo, you won’t want regular. It’s a pricy order you might want to split with a friend, remember there are only two of each.

Beignets $8

It worth the wait. We had no room left for more food, but they really wanted to make us fat. Hard to resist freshly made beignets. Plus, this was my very first time trying this dessert. Plus, I never had beignets before. So I can’t say no to that. You can really taste how fresh these were. They didn’t just heat some pre-made desserts, nope made freshly—time to dip them in a nice selection of caramel, chocolate, and raspberry sauces. I like mixing and double-dipping mine. YES!!! Double Dipping with chocolate and caramel.

Herb Crusted Prime Rib $24

All hail the king of all steaks. My eye literary widened when I saw this. Look at how thick that giant chunk of meat is. This is one of the best steak’s I’ve ever tasted. It’s so big that we couldn’t finish it and we tried! You know it’s good when you forget to add the sauce. So I just skipped it and enjoyed this seasoned to perfection steak. Does it come with Mac n Cheese? YES!!!! Another reason to order this is this super cheesy, creamy mac. They know their cheesiness here. You get a choice of your side, and I recommend mind-blowing Asparagus. It’s nothing like anything I’ve ever tried. Can you tell I really liked this dish? In the words of my friend, “The best slab of meat I’ve ever tasted.”

Lobster Mac n Cheese $28

Beauty is in a bite of the dish. Such a beautiful dish, I feel sad disturbing the presentation. The first bite in, you could see the joy on my face. It’s one of the most nomnom Macs in town. It’s a perfectly crunchy and gooey cheesy combination on one plate. Big chunks of mac with perfect multi cheesy cheese mix. Comes with two fresh and flavorful pieces of lobster meat. They weren’t that big and left me wishing there was more and was gone in no time. Make sure to squirt a few grilled lemons for an extra citrusy kick. Not a cheap dish, this place is not cheap, but so good you will not regret it.