Airline Breakfast Poached Eggs @ Virgin America First Class

Tasting First Class Meals, Poached Eggs @ Virgin America

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Breakfast Poached Eggs

The only way to travel is with style First Class airline breakfast like Poached Eggs from Virgin America airline. You cannot very often enjoy a dish like that for your airline breakfast, plus served by a cute flight attendant that had a great smile at all times. The cute guy always makes better. Of course, we have to remember that this is airline food so that it won’t be as good as our favorite breakfast place, but it still made us a happy nomster. Got to say this poached egg tastes much better than it looks. The egg had a sweet flavor but sadly wasn’t runny, which makes poached eggs such fun. For protean, you get sautéed chicken habanero sausage that had quite a kick to it, which went great with roasted green and yellow squash — also served with a side of arugula salad and a cup of fruit salad. Overall, the dish tasted pretty well and healthy.

Turkey Sandwich

Forget the mile-high club and eat up this Turkey Sandwich for airline lunch in First Class Virgin America. Our cute waiter was eager to help feed hungry nomster tummies. On his recommendation, we ordered this Turkey Sandwich to satisfy our sandwiching cravings. I was surprised by how good this airline lunch was. Layers of turkey, cheese, red sauce, and sweet jelly on top. It was a great flavor combination with different textures. The bread, even though thick, was not too heavy and did not overpower the flavors. Very filling sandwich that satisfied us for the rest of the trip.