Chocolate Noir from Pitango Gelato

Tasing Every Gelato Flavor at Pitango Gelato

Chocolate Noir

A spoonful of super nomnom. Oh wow, this is the best gelato in town. So far this is my favorite flavor. So smooth, so flavorful so amazing. The flavor is so strong that it might knock you off your feet. Plus sit down and enjoy it anyway! I also tried Coconut, but it was far too light in flavor for me to enjoy. If you see a Pitango store, you must walk in and try it!

Crema & Almond Gelato

Sunny gelato, on a sunny day. Oh, the crema gelato was simply amazing! YAY for more deserts @ Taste of Reston.

Chocolate Hazelnut

Now that is some strong flavor. You can really taste the power of the chocolate in this gelato. Great dessert nom stop @ Taste of Reston.

Dark Chocolate & Peach Gelato $5

It’s double the love. MHHHH love going half and half on their nomnom gelato. After tasting few flavors, I went with chocolate (can never go wrong) and peach (fruity fluty). It was great to mix super-rich chocolate with very sweet and light peach. Each spoonful was full of delicious nomnoms. Great way to end lunch, start it or continue it. / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram