Eggs Benedict House Smoked Salmon from Tabard Inn

Tabard Inn A Brunch Gem in Dupont Circle

Eggs Benedict House Smoked Salmon

It’s like brunch with Mr. Cumberbatch. Oh yea, I can never have brunch without some very yummy Egg Benedict. We are happy to add this to our list of DC nomnoms. Everything came together to make our tummies happy. The Salmon was very smokey delicious. Went so great with the delicious home fries and onions. That alone can make any dish very nomnom. I kind of wanted the eggs to be a bit runnier, and I love when yellow yoke gets everywhere. A great dish that I would be happy to try again.

Poached Eggs $15

I’m usually not a big fan of grits, but these cheese grits were not too bad. The cheesiness combined with red-eye gravy covered the normal grit taste that I tend to dislike. Fried oysters were very crunchy but lacked flavor. Oh, but the pork belly was super delicious. Several super thick pieces of porkiness were my favorite part of the dish.

Fried Donuts $3

By the power of Fluffyskul, this is amazing! You haven’t tasted donuts until you’ve tried this. I thought donuts are donuts everywhere, but they’ve proven me wrong—perfect flavor and texture with perfect cinnamon sugar goodness on top. You have to savor each bite with the vanilla whipped cream. I had to fight myself not to order few dozen more. I’m drooling just thinking about it. A puppy might punch you if you don’t order this!

Brunch Mimosas

It might not be Dornish, but it does the trick. What brunch can go without some sparkling mimosas? I really like how more fruity, juicy it is than champagne. I’m usually not a champagne fan, but this was very tasty—a great choice for your brunching adventure.