Thai Toast Desserts from Sweeteria in Downtown Silver Spring Maryland
Thai Toast Desserts from Sweeteria

Sweeteria, The Perfect Thai Dessert Place in Downtown Silver Spring

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A new dessert shop in Downtown Silver Spring called Sweeteria, owned by Kao Thai owners, specializes in Thai Toast. This place has become our favorite dessert spot in the DC/DMV area, offering various baked goods, desserts, and coffee. Sweeteria’s Thai toast is queen-sized and loaded with delicious toppings and unique flavors. Most of their toast orders come with mouthwatering macaroons, making them an irresistible treat.

Although the indoor seating area is limited, if tables are available, you can ask for your dessert to be served at one of the Kao Thai tables. Otherwise, you can enjoy some great Thai food at their sister restaurant next door, and your desserts will be delivered right to your table.

Sweeteria’s menu features different Thai Toast Desserts. Here are our favorite orders:

Taost Desserts

1. Thai Tea Toast (6/5 NOMs)

This thick and fluffy toast is topped with maple cookies, macarons, and fresh fruits, then drenched in the most delicious Thai tea ganache and drizzled with condensed milk. It is served with homemade coconut ice cream and crunchy coconut flakes, making it our absolute favorite order.

2. Mango Sticky Rice Loft Toast (5/5 NOMs)

This toast version of a famous Mango Sticky Rice is covered with sweet mango ganache, condensed milk, and a beautiful flower made of fresh mango. It’s served with sweet sticky rice and Sweeteria’s delicious toasted coconut ice cream with crunchy flakes.

2. Banana Choco Honey Toast $10 (5/5 NOMs) [NEW]

This dessert is perfect for banana lovers. It combines bananas, chocolate, honey, Oreos, strawberries, and granola. The smooth and crunchy mixture is complemented by their signature homemade toasted coconut ice cream, and the sweetness level is just right.

4. Strawberry Loaf Toast (5/5 NOMs)

This red beauty is topped with strawberry ganache, condensed milk, toasted crunchy oats, fresh strawberries, bananas, Oreo cookies, and strawberry macaroons. It’s served with strawberry Pokes and their delicious toasted coconut ice cream. It’s one of the most loaded desserts they have.

The presentation is less beautiful than usual because we did a carry-out order and assembled it ourselves. Sadly we are not as skilled as the fantastic staff at Sweeteria.

5. Banana Chocolate Loaf Toast (4/5 NOMs)

This toast is topped with chocolate, condensed milk, toasted crunchy oats, fresh strawberries, bananas, chocolate Pokes, and amazing toasted coconut ice cream. Although we expected to like it more than Strawberry Loaf Toast, it had a lower sweetness profile, so it’s our fourth favorite.

The presentation is less beautiful than usual because we did a carry-out order and assembled it ourselves. Sadly we are not as skilled as the fantastic staff at Sweeteria.


Thai Tea Pandan Float (4/5 NOMs)

Sweeteria also offers Thai Tea Pandan Floats (4/5 NOMs), a combination of root beer floats and Thai Iced Tea. It’s not as sweet as Kao Thai’s Thai Iced Tea, but it’s still enjoyable.


They also serve various coffee options, including Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, and dripped Thai Coffee.

Order Delivery & Carry Out

Sweeteria is a magical place for nomsters to indulge in their sweet cravings. With a few indoor tables and seats, they are most suited for delivery or carry-out. Nonetheless, their desserts are worth every penny and will satisfy your sweet tooth. Order through Grubhub and Ubereats. Dessert toppings are nicely packed in separate containers for easy assembly at another location. So nothing gets soggy or melts. They put in a lot of effort to make sure you enjoy your experience. We’ve done carry-out a few times, and it was just as delicious. Maybe not as beautiful a presentation since we can’t repeat their mastery.

Directions: 8646 Colesville Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20910
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