Super Deluxe Grilled Cheese @ Ted's Bulletin in Reston Town Center Virginia

Super Deluxe Grilled Cheese @ Ted’s Bulletin in Reston Town Center, Virginia

Make any day a National Grilled Cheese Day with a Super Deluxe Grilled Cheese from a Ted’s Bulletin unique restaurant with an adult milkshake and pop tarts in Reston Town Center, Virginia. Forget your boring grilled cheese sandwiches and go for their amazing creation that doesn’t just have cheese but has short ribs and mac n cheese. Whaa, it is just cheesed our minds away. What a perfect combination, including two of our favorite things all in one nice sandwich. Great way to add even more cheesiness to all that cheese with gooey goodness in every bite. Short rib, while tasted nice, was pretty much overpowered in quantity and flavor of all that mac. So much cheesiness this is by far one of the best things ever. Served on a thick and yet very soft grilled white bread that adds a nice crunch to the whole dish. Normally comes with tomato soup, but we wanted to make it extra unhealthy and changed it up for some french fries. Not a cheap order with a $16 price tag. This could be the most expensive grilled cheese. Tough when it tastes this good, it’s all worth every penny. If Reston is too far away, then not all is lost. This local chain has multiple locations in the DC metro area. / Yelp / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram
11948 Market Street Reston, VA 20190