Double Burger from SUGO?

Sugo Osteria a Mouth Watering New Modern Italian Restaurant in Potomac


Fried Chicken Waffle $14

Rock your waffles off with some super Fried Chicken Waffles from a small plate restaurant Sugo Osteria in Rockville, DC’s suburb. Many restaurants have fried chicken waffles, but none like this. Don’t let the small size full you, and I was barely able to finish it. The perfectly prepared chicken was crispy on the outside and tender soft on the inside with waffle bites. Get your test buds ready for the black cherry syrup. It’s like an explosion of cherry goodness in your mouth. I think this is one of the best in town. Making this an even better experience, hosts and waiters already remember us, and we now have a regular table. I love that kind of personal touch they have at this location. Perfect place to get your fried chicken waffle cravings while drooling over some hot waiters.

Double Burger $11 (5/5 NOMs)

It’s double or nothing. That’s because one meat patty is not enough for this place, so they double their burgers in Silver Spring, DC suburb. Especially when eating such a juicy meat patty like this. So soft and flavorful, this is one of the most nomnom meatness. Not the biggest burger, but it will still require some mouth opening effort to fit it in. It is topped with few slices of cheddar and lovely pieces of bacon. You can taste the cheesy and bacony goodness. Just the right portion of each nomnom ingredient and you can use them. Comes on a very soft and light grilled brioche bun. I love it because you only taste a hint of it and not overpowering. In the end, it’s all about the meat and toppings. You are served with some excellent fries on the side. You do get a choice of salad, but we don’t do healthy with our burgers. The excellent burger you should try from one of our favorite nomnom places.

Sugo White Pizza $14

Prepare for a pizza punch of awesomeness with this tasty White Pizza with soft scrambled eggs on top from a restaurant with hot waiters Sugo Osteria Rockville, DC’s suburb. This bechamel (white sauce) pizza delivers one of the most nomnom punches ever with double the mozzarella goodness, smoked and house-made cheesiness. I love the slightly burned crunchy crust. One of the best white sauce pizzas in the area! Magic doesn’t stop yet, and there are many fun, tasty ads on like a yummy egg. I love the light hint of garlic. This is a tapas-style restaurant, but pizzas are big enough to share, and I couldn’t finish it. Happy to welcome a brand new place in Rockville. It doesn’t hurt that there are lots of cute waiters work here. Make sure to stop by and try their delicious white pizza and enjoy some eye candy waiters.

Tiramisu Dessert (5/5 NOMs)

It satisfies our sweet tooth cravings with Tiramisu from one of our favorite Rockville restaurants, DC suburb. It was like this dessert was calling our name, and we were craving something sweet to end noming lunch at one of our favorite places. What can be better than the creamy layered goodness of Tiramisu? As soon as I saw it, I just had to get this creamy goodness in my mouth to satisfy the creamy cravings. I love how soft and light this is. It’s so good that it might just make you want to eat it slowly. The slight surprise is how chocolaty rather than coffee-flavored it is. It’s defiantly different than most other tiramisu we came to enjoy. Not as nicely put together and more like a deconstructed Tiramisu. Not a bad thing, it still made our mouth happy, and tummy satisfied: hands down, a must-try dessert at this place.

Nutella Cheesecake

It’s a dessert that’s just too thick to handle when you eat Nutella Cheesecake from Sugo Osteria in Rockville, DC’s large town suburb! That thing was so rich and heavy that I think I just ate an entire jar of Nutella awesomeness. Topped with very thick whip cream. This cheesecake is one of the few things they don’t make in-house and get it delivered from a bakery in New York City. I recommend this for sharing. Trying to eat all by yourself may result in dessert come. The best coma ever!