Steak Tartare & Fries @ Urban Butcher in Down Town Silver Spring

Unleash the best brunch in Downtown Silver Spring @ Urban Butcher (CLOSED)


Steak Tartare & Fries (6/5 NOMs)

Sure love big raw meat in our mouth, especially when it Steak Tartare & Fries for brunch from butcher masters at Urban Butcher, a premier meat restaurant on Georgia Ave in Down Town Silver Spring. We are going raw for our brunch from one of our favorite places in the area. We wanted to try something new and unique that we don’t order very often, which fits into that category. A dish is so mouthwatering and amazing that it might just ruin you for any other tartare out there. Very light and soft texture that goes well with bold flavors that might explode your taste buds. Every bite was pure joy. I’m pretty sure a few times we moan from the enjoyment. We are served with a large and crunchy grilled baguette and a tapenade dipping sauce for that extra flavor. Top it all off, and it comes with a soft boiled egg with a runny yolk. After all, the runny egg always makes everything better. We are also big fans of thin and crunchy fries. Eating a little bit of everything together creates an explosion of flavors. We did run out of that fantastic bread very fast, so next time will have to ask for more. It may cost pretty high for $24, but it is worth every penny and will leave you one very happy nomster. This may not be a French place, but it schooled them all on how to make a tremendous tartare. Don’t be surprised if you find this dish on our best of the year list.

Braised Meatballs (4/5 NOMs)

We sure love glories meaty balls for Sunday brunch like these Braised Meatballs from one of our favorite meat lover restaurants in Down Town Silver Spring, DC’s city suburb. Very excited about reopening one of our favorite restaurants that specialize in all meaty things. They know how to start their brunch with some big and juicy very meatballs. We are defiantly big fans of putting big balls in our mouths. You can taste the love of meat from a restaurant that specializes in meaty things. So soft and light, you can taste the high-quality meat and seasoning. Served with red sauce and melted provolone cheese. Not too much red sauce, so you can still taste the meaty goodness of the meatballs, but enough to enjoy some dipping with freshly grilled bread. Ah, all that melted cheesiness hits the spot. I am split on the price, and you only get three balls for $12. They are so big and filling that it’s enough to share with friends. The perfect way to start your Sunday brunch.

House Bacon Omelet (5/5 NOMs)

Get, e.g., static with a special Sunday Brunch bacon omelet from the masters of all meaty things in Down Town Silver Spring, DC’s unique city-like suburb. Omelets hold a dear place in our hearts and tummies, one of our most favorite breakfast dishes. So we can be pretty picky. It’s a pretty simple dish, really with bacon, chopped tomatoes, and cheddar. It’s prepared so well that it was pure joy to nom on it. So soft and fluffy, it’s just the right way to enjoy your Sunday Brunch. There is so much cheese in there that it could be enough for two omelets, but you know what. We are not complaining! More is the only thing that is better than just cheese. Of course, they are masters of all meat things and have excellent bacon. Not to forget well-seasoned home fries, so simple and yet so much deliciousness. Overall not a complicated dish, but executed so well it is perfection.

Country Bread French Toast (5/5 NOMs)

Larger than life Sunday brunch french toast from a meat specialty restaurant in Down Town Silver Spring, DC’s sprawling city like a suburb. It’s a french dish with the best of American style food, more significant than life portion, but we won’t complain. They don’t just know how to prepare the animal kingdom’s delights correctly but also know how to captivate your taste buds for sweetness. Forget those wimpy french toast you used to identify. Check out this giant full-on bread french toast. One slice is the size of my giant head! Big and thick, this made for an excellent Sunday brunch dish. It’s pretty heavy and dense that just one slice can fill you up. Even though they are thick and dense, they tasted very light and still had that French Toast’s softness. It was topped with some lightly braised apple on top for that extra flavor. I just love the sweet maple syrup with goat’s milk gelato. The bread just sucked up all that syrup so next time, ask for extra. So refreshing and yet so filly, made us fat happy. Defiantly one of the must-try dishes for Sunday brunch.

Passion Fruit Creme Brulee (5/5 NOMs)

Hide your taste buds, the most beautiful Passion Fruit Creme Brulee is coming to your mouth from one of the meatiest places in Down Town Silver Spring, DC’s home of Discovery Channel. This could be one of the most beautiful and happy-looking desserts we ever had the pleasure of noming on. It is a perfect combination of thick melted sugar, creamy creme brulee, and a beautiful sugary ball on top. Not sure if we should eat it or marvel at its beauty. Well, Marvel didn’t last long, and we dug into it with our spoons. It’s not just a pretty face but also be one of the tastiest creme brulee desserts. This is the kind of dish you have to enjoy slowly, savor every single bite of it. What makes it even better is how cheap it is, a pretty upscale place for just $7. The perfect combination of light and soft with a crunchy texture. Great way to end your Sunday brunch adventure at one of the best restaurants in the area.

Churros (4/5 NOMs)

Unleash the fried dough food dessert coma with some Sunday Brunch Churros from the meat specialty restaurant in Down Town Silver Spring, DC’s foodie suburb. After eating all that dense brunch food, nothing can be lighter than deep-fried dessert! So surgery and crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, they were some of the most enjoyable little sticks we put in our mouth. It might give you that sugar boost you need to make it home before the food coma kicks in. Way too much for one person to eat and more fun to share with friends. It is entirely made for a group of friends. The only thing that could have been better is the hot chocolate; it was just too liquidy. I think the dish would have been much better if chocolate was thick and gooey instead of watery. Maybe something with more Nutella consistency? Though no moist chocolate can stop us from enjoying all these churros. / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Yelp
8226 Georgia Ave Silver Spring, MD 20910