Steak, Sushi or Tacos? Eat Them All at Earls in Tyson’s Corner


Why settle on one type of dish when you can have steak, sushi, and tacos all in one meal? You can find all three at Earls Restaurant, a new unique American, Latin, and Japanese restaurant in Tyson Corner in the suburbs of Washington D.C. Sometimes we can’t decide on a place we want to eat, and then there are those moments when we want it all. This is one of the few restaurants that can create solid dishes across a wide variety of different cuisines.

Earls is a chain in the USA and Canada, so there might be one near you. We were very excited to bring you our food porn and review a new Earls’s location in Tysons Corner right outside of Washington D.

Steak + Sushi (4/5 NOMs)

Get ready to place a unique order combination of steak and sushi from this fun place, located right outside the Tysons Corner Mall. We love sushi, and we love steak, so we were very excited to put both on our order. The marinated steak (cooked to order) was very soft and served with Japanese red ponzu sauce, which added a nice citrusy hint to every bite. The steak was pre-cut into small bite-size strips, so you can easily enjoy it with chopsticks. The dynamite roll was our pick for sushi. It was a pretty good sushi roll, and though not the most amazing we’ve had, it worked very well in the dish. Overall, the roll gets 3 NOMs from us, but the combination dish is still great. It came with shrimp, mango, avocado, sriracha mayonnaise, and a few other tasty goodies. The two sides of this order are very different, and yet they go together so well. At $25, this isn’t the cheapest order, but you really are ordering both steak and sushi when you think about it. In most places, steak alone would cost this much. The dish is also big enough to satisfy the most hungry nomster.

Pork Carnitas Tacos (4/5 NOMs)

After enjoying some steak and sushi, tacos sound perfect, especially the Pork Carnitas Tacos from this fun place. As we were exploring the menu, we wanted to try something different from our previous order. The slow-cooked and marinated pork captured our eyes and cravings. The crispy meat combined with pico de gallo and avocado was joy in every bite. It’s not an American-Latin fusion restaurant unless we can order some fries on the side. At Earls, you can have fries with your tacos. The tartar sauce for the fries went great on the tacos. This isn’t an overly large dish with only two tacos for $14, but it would make a great dish for one or for sharing with a friend.

Smores Skillet Cookie (5/5 NOMs)

Cookie Monster would be super happy if he got to enjoy the S’mores Skillet Cookie, which is one big cookie to rule them all. But we are not sharing with him! This is one of the most beautiful cookies we have ever enjoyed. It’s a house-made marshmallow melted on top of a graham cracker cookie topped with vanilla bean ice cream. That’s a whole lot of sugar to energize our crazy little nomsters. The cookie was very gooey and soft, which is just how we like them. It comes for a good price, too: for $6, you get a great dessert that is big enough to share with a friend. Unless it’s a cookie monster, that is. Could you not share it with him?

Sticky Toffee Chocolate Pudding (5 NOMs)

One dessert is not enough, so order up a Sticky Toffee Chocolate Pudding. This is two desserts in one with chocolate pudding cake on one side and sticky toffee and vanilla bean ice cream. The chocolate cake was so rich and yet so soft that it was simply divine. We loved all the chocolate layers around and inside, and our favorite part was the little candy snap toffee bowl for the ice cream. You can use it as a spoon to enjoy the ice cream and a bite of the cake. After all, this is a two-part dessert that is great when the flavors are combined. Such a large dessert (in both size and flavor) for just $8 is a great value. As most desserts go, it really is better to share with a friend, so you don’t go into a sugar coma alone. / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Yelp
7902 Tysons One Pl, Tysons, VA 22102