Steak from Russia House

Steak $30 @ Russia House

Mama, we go home! As soon as they brought it out, I wanted to ask the rest of my steak. Everything else seems so much bigger. It was pretty juicy and soft with a nice sauce. Flavor-wise it just tastes like something was missing. Especially when I’m paying $30 bucks for it, it was missing that fancy place taste to it. Still, I can’t get over the portion size, and it left me hungry. Overall I was disappointed with their menu selection. I was hoping for many more dishes I haven’t had since moving to the DC area from Eastern Europe. We had a $40 off Groupon, so it didn’t feel as bad. If you want a good stage to Chris ruthlesslyuth and pay the same amount for something much better. I don’t recommend this place and the crazy money it cost. Just go to a Russian store and buy some stuff.