Southern Comfort Burger @ Burger Tap & Shake in Tenleytown Washington DC

Meaty Burgers and Sweet Milkshakes @ Burger Tap & Shake in Tenleytown

Southern Comfort Burger 5/5 NOMs)

It’s late and night, and we want some southern food-loving like Southern Comfort Burger from one of our favorite burger chains Burger Tap & Shake, on Wisconsin Avenue in Tenleytown, Washington, DC. We are hanging out near American University looking for those cute college boys and decided to stop by for some late-night burgers. After all, big patties bring all the boys to the yard. What makes it southern? Well, the deep-fried green tomatoes sure make it. We love fried things but weren’t sure about the green tomatoes part. It never hurts to live on the edge. Ah, and the choice was good. They tasted great and went so well with the juicy beef patty, pickles, onions, and all that cheesy goodness. Big fan of the bread buns. They are very light, strong to hold all that meat in place, and adds a nice light taste. Just the right kind of messy and greasiness to make this a great late-night nom nom. Every burger must have a milkshake so check out our review of alcoholic Orea Speedwagon shake. This place is so good, and it really shames there are so few locations. BTS, get on it and open more spots so we can have more of your good burgers and milkshakes!

Oreo Speedwagon Milkshake (5/5 NOMs)

It brings all the drunk boys to the yard with an alcoholic Oreo Speedwagon Milkshake from Burger Tap & Shakes on Wisconsin Avenue in Tenleytown, Washington, DC. After checking out some college boys and enjoying a nice Southern Comfort Burger we just had to get a spiked adult shake. It combines everything we love the oreo cookies, vanilla ice cream, and alcohol. Super sweet with a nice hint of coffee liquor. Very happy that the alcohol is not overpowering the other flavors, so you can still enjoy a nice dessert with a buzz. Please don’t drink it too fast, or you might get double vision. Highly recommend this with your burger order. After all, no burger can go without a milkshake. We were so tempted to order up another one or try another one. So many to choose from, so you know we will be back for more. / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Yelp
4445 Wisconsin Ave NW Washington, DC 20016