Soup Dumplings @ Bob's Shanghai 66

Soup Dumplings $6 @ Bob’s Shanghai 66 Rockville

Is it hot in here, or is it just my dumplings? Steaming up the world with these fantastic dumplings for lunch in Rockville, DC’s suburb. Things get stuffed in things all the time, but nothing like this. These little dumplings of joy are stuffed with soup. Crazy world! First time trying this and amazed by this creation. Both and meat flavor combination is unique. The hot soup keeps it all very soft and warm inside. Put one on a big spoon and bite out of this way so you won’t burn or spill the soupy goodness inside. Be careful though, bite slowly as not to burn yourself or ruin some clothing from squirting all that soup all over yourself. It’s hard not to squirt when you get this excited. This is an important tip, this is cash only place, so bring some with you or get before from a bank next door.