Fried Combination from Crisfield Seafood

Sometimes Fried is Too Much @ Crisfield Seafood

Seafood Bisque Bowl $7

Time for some seafood soupiness. I don’t usually order seafood bisque soup, so I don’t have as much to compare it to. It was the creamy sauce which is not a bad thing. All the seafoodiness mixed and didn’t taste like anything, and all I tasted was the overpowering amount of paper. Maybe they cut everything too small? Not sure if that’s how it’s supposed to be, but not something I enjoy. Should I give this another try?

Fried Combination $23

Oh, yea, it’s anything and everything fried! Crab cake tasted amazing. So much crabby goodness. Fried on the outside and soft on the inside. I enjoyed every bite of it. Shrimp was excellent and gone in few seconds. Scallops were ok and were a bit too soft on the inside, but that could be because they are extra fried. One thing I know now is that I am not a fan of Perch. That is just a personal fish preference, but it tasted kind of blah, and I didn’t even finish. I was also not a big fan of french fries. I like them to have a natural taste without ketchup or any other sauce. That is one hefty dish, I warn against eating the whole thing, or you might spend a few days in a coma. Not sure if I would get this, but maybe some other fried dishes.