S'mores Deluxe Cookie @ Insomnia Cookies in Philadelphia

S’mores Deluxe Cookie @ Insomnia Cookies in Philadelphia

Let’s party the night away with a special S’mores Deluxe Cookie from Insomnia Cookies in Philadelphia. We are super excited to try Philly’s famous bakery known for its late into the night clientele. One of the best cookies we’ve ever had! Amazing sweetness in every bite. It’s like a thick gooey soft brownie in a cookie form with s’mores and gram crackers throughout. Wow, it tasted so good that it made us one very happy nomster—nice and hard cookie exterior with a gooey brownie filling and big marshmallows throughout. Make sure to enjoy it slowly to savor every little bit of it. Such a giant cookie tried to eat half of it, but the second half was good in no time. COOKIE NOM NOM! A perfect sweet treat after a nice dinner and a few drinks. It’s a pretty heavy cookie, so maybe we should only eat half? No way, the whole thing is going into our mouth!