Seasonal Roots Subscription Service Review

Seasonal Roots The Solution to Eat Healthy with Busy Life


Do you have a busy life and no time to shop for fresh produce? I know that we do, what with our long work hours, crazy commutes, and side projects, like nomnomboris. My husband and I are always on the lookout for ways to make our lives easier, especially when it comes to eating healthy. If this sounds like you, then you’ll love the Seasonal Roots produce home delivery service! This service will deliver a box of fresh vegetables right to your door without you ever having to worry about what’s on sale or what’s in season.

With this box, eating healthy and not wasting hours shopping has never been easier. Plus, you will be supporting local Virginia farms and sustainable farming practices. If you decide to sign up, make sure to use promo code NOMNOMBORIS for a $15 off membership. Now, let’s see what is inside and unbox it. Make sure you watch the video as it turns out that we don’t always know our vegetables! Let us know if it’s funny or sad.


How it Works?

Signing up for Seasonal Roots is super easy and quick. It took us maybe 5 minutes to get it set up and ready to go. Unlike many other subscription services, Seasonal Roots also has a yearly membership fee. This fee is similar to Costco or Amazon Prime’s annual membership fee, but it includes shipping. Depending on the box you choose, you will get anywhere from 5 to 11 different veggies, but you can customize your weekly boxes if you crave something different. Increase the things you love and remove items you don’t like! You are in charge, and no one can make you eat those tomatoes if you don’t like them. Do you like carrots more than okra? Click the plus and minus icons to make those veggie dreams come true! (We admit we don’t know how to cook okra ?) Plus, you can add extra items from their extensive menu selection! Adding in items like honey, eggs, and other weekly staples will make your grocery life easier! You can update your order by 11:59 p.m. every Sunday or leave it as is without clicking a thing. Seasonal Roots makes it easy to switch to a biweekly frequency if you are out of town. We don’t customize our order very much. Our house h and just let them pick for us. We are lazy, after all ?.

$15 Off Discount

Imagine if we had to spend the time and drive to a store for all this! Instead, we can spend our time writing this article for you! Don’t forget to use the promo code NOMNOMBORIS for $15 off a yearly membership.


Since this is a membership-type subscription, your first year is $50 and then $35 for every following year. Make sure to use the NOMNOMBORIS code to join for $15 off. While there is an early charge, each box’s cost is very reasonable for the amount of food you receive, not to mention the impact you are making by supporting responsible, local farming.

  • Veggie Lover Basket (11 choices) – $38.50
  • Family Basket (8 choices) – $34.00
  • Easy Basket (5 choices) – $22.50

Our First Box

Our first box included so much food that we couldn’t eat all in one go, and then the second box arrived! It’s a good thing there is a pause button so that we won’t drown in veggies. We do not like wasting food — this is one of those cases where size does matter. Make sure to pick the right box size for you and your family. Our first box had some great nomnoms, like carrots, strawberries, beetroot, leeks, and a few other tasty things. Everything was fresh and ripe, so there was no need to wait before cooking it orbiting right in. But don’t forget to wash these veggies first! Ass you might have noticed in the video, we also have to admit that we don’t always know our veggies’ names. They tasted great anyway!

Delivery Areas

The Veggie Fairies (the super cute name for their crew) have recently expanded their delivery area to Montgomery County, Maryland. You can also receive this box if you live in any of the following Virginia counties/areas: Northern Virginia, Hampton Roads, Richmond, and Williamsburg. To see if Seasonal Roots delivers to your address, make sure to check the delivery areas on their website. / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram