Trout Meuniere @ All Set for Restaurant Week in Silver Spring

Seafood heaven with restaurant weeek @ All Set Restaurant

Restaurant Week is one of those exciting events where we get to try and explore the restaurant’s limited-time menu. Three-course $27 meal includes a choice of appetizer, entrees, and course dessert.

Lobster Bisque

It is time to start a three-course restaurant week dinner with Lobster Bisque from All Set Restaurant, a new seafood place in Down Town Silver Spring, DC’s city-like suburb. It was a pretty good way to start our dinner, though it wasn’t very memorable — a smooth and consistent flavor in every spoonful with a tiny little kick. Even with a bit of spice, it felt bland. It needed something more. I couldn’t taste any lobster, and for the most part, it was all soup. The presentation was charming, with a small glass cup — Onward to the main entree course.

Trout Meuniere

Get your seafood fix with a perfect dish like Trout Meuniere for Restaurant Week dinner from All Set Restaurant and a ship-themed seafood place in Down Town Silver Spring, DC’s city suburb. Now, this dish is made to impress with both presentation and taste. Every bite was simply perfect and showcased their genuine love for seafood. Trout was an absolute star of this dish; it was so well prepared, seasoned, and a pure joy to eat. It is perfectly complemented with just as well-cooked fingerling potatoes. The best way is to enjoy both with every bite dipped in lemon butter. Even green beans, often thrown in as an afterthought, tasted great. It was such an impressive dish that we hope they make it part of their regular menu so we can have it again!


There are no holes in a Doughnuts for Restaurant Week from All Set, a seafood place in Down Town Silver Spring, DC’s city suburb. We picked Doughnuts as our dessert pick for our three-course dinner. They are more of a mix between doughnut holes and a mini muffin. It was missing that soft texture of a doughnut and was drier like a muffin. Not a bad thing and still a delightful sugar treat. It comprises an extra amount of sugar and brown sugar on the outside. Comes with a side of Coffee dipping syrup and whip cream. The best is to split the doughnut in half and pour syrup all over it. For that extra sugary rush to end your restaurant week dinner.

Apple Cake

An Apple Cake for Restaurant Week from All Set, a seafood place in Down Town Silver Spring, DC’s city suburb, is a little cake of joy. Now, this is one very excellent dessert. So soft and tender; it’s like they fused apple pie with a creamy layered cake. All this cake goodness is topped with Salted Caramel Ice Cream, making for a great sweet and salty combination. So make sure to have both in every spoonful. It would be best if you enjoyed such a tiny little thing slowly with small bites so it won’t disappear immediately in your mouth. This an excellent way to send your Restaurant Week dinner. We hope it becomes part of their regular menu, as this is a dessert that we would love to have again.