Lumberjack Pancakes from Skylight Diner New York City

Satisfying breakfast cravings @ Skylight Diner

Lumberjack Pancakes $9

I’m a Lumberjack! Let’s eats all the meats possible for breakfast in New York City. Sometimes you have to eat like a lumberjack before a long day of work. Or you want to pig out and sing a song, “I’m a lumberjack!.” Look at all the stuff going on there with giant sausage, ham, and bacon. There is a pancake hidden under that? Just cut and everything in one bite. Lumberjacks want their meat!!! So much food for such a low price. This makes for a very nomnom breakfast.

Italian Omelette $9

Got to have some sausage in the morning! Need our breakfast to continue adventures in New York City. Very flavorful omelet and a nice cheesy texture with a strong Italian sausage taste. Served with a nice side of home fries. Get on noming.