Flying Dragon Roll Sushi Jin

Satisfy Your Sushi Craving in Downtown Silver Spring @ Sushi Jin

Pumpkin Soup $5

Join the fall season pumpkin craze with Pumpkin Soup from Sushi Kin, a great Japanese sushi restaurant in Down Town Silver Spring, DC’s city suburb. Too pretty to eat. Ever thought of soup with fall flavor? Mhhh pumpkiny ginger flavor with a little kick. It goes down so smooth. And tingly With deliciousness crispy ginger strings and croutons. Vibrant and gooey soup without overpowering the taste buds. Perfect for cold weather, you just got to try it.

Flying Dragon $16

My hunger is mightier than a dragon. Time for some sushi roll fun. It is so pretty! We always make sure to get dragon rolls from sushi places because of the presentation. Isn’t it beautiful? One of the most dragon rolls to date. California roll with one of the most nomnom thick pieces of the whole eel on top. Comes with a little kick of masago sauce on top. You have to stop by this place and try this roll.

Lobster Lasagna $13

It’s a whaa roll? Yeap, you read it right. It’s a lasagna roll. Kind of strange-looking little pile of squishiness. No wonder it’s a pile. They packed a lot inside like grilled lobster, crawfish, avocado, cumber, scallion, masago, and special sauce. It doesn’t really taste like lasagna, but still an excellent sushi roll. With so much going on, there is always a flavor surprise. You have to stop by this place and try this roll.

Humpty Dumpty Sushi $11

Don’t fall off the wall and instead enjoy seasonal Humpty Dumpty Sushi Roll from Sushi Jin, a quint Japanese Sushi and Ramen restaurant in Down Town Silver Spring, DC’s sprawling suburb. Always great to see a new addition to their great menu. Like the story, it’s named after this roll is made out of the light and the soft creaminess of an egg, but it’s not sushi unless it has some seafood, so it has delicious blue crab, crab stick, and avocado with sushi its not just about the flavor, but also about the texture. This topping combination with sauce and creamy butter makes for a smooth and light mix with a powerful flavor. The crab truly shines in all its glory. This is great for those who do not like raw fish and instead can enjoy the cooked version. Available only for a limited time, but we hope they add it to their permanent menu.

Burning Love Roll

My sushi roll is on fire! I mean, really, the thing is burning, so quick eat it and not burn down the house. My love is burning for you. That is one fun roll, and I love how they served it with real fire right in the center of heart shape. It’s not just the fire that’s burning, but the spicy salmon, masago, and flaming spicy sauce on top. Balanced well with fresh rice, avocado, and crab sticks. It becomes a nice mix of very spicy kicks with a soft, light texture. My new favorite order with amazing presentation and flavors. This is a perfect dish you should order on a romantic date. Not the cheapest of the rolls and will set you back $13, but presentation and taste are very much worth it from one of our favorite sushi places. / Facebook / Yelp
8555 Fenton St, Silver Spring, MD 20910