Dreamland Sandwich $10 @ Jetties Bethesda

Sandwich Lover’s Heaven @ Jetties Bethesda

Dreamland Sandwich $10

This the season of fantastic holiday foods. Thanksgiving sandwiches are no exception from one of Bethesda’s best sandwich shops, DC’s upscale suburb. Very excited for their monthly special lunch, especially when it’s a foodie holiday like Thanksgiving. It tasted so good that 5/5 NOMs was just not enough, so we went to 6/5! This is a kind of order that will truly put you into dreamland: not the food coma kind, but a sleep of food organs. The flavors are so rich with this unique combination of roasted turkey and sweet fig jam. The jam was heavenly. That just made this super addicting was our favorite part of the sandwich. Turkey was very lean and soft with nicely cut thick pieces all layered between the excellent jam and melted brie. Ideally, even the bread adds a light flavor and texture to the sandwich that helps it together very well. At some points, I had to stop myself from eating it too fast so I could enjoy it for so much longer. It’s the kind of sandwich you want to savor with every bite. I love the unexpected flavor combination that was a real winner and made for a perfect holiday sandwich. Sometimes you might forget if you are eating lunch or dessert, it’s a confusion we enjoyed!

Tom Nevers Sandwich

It’s noming lunchtime at one of the best sandwich shops in Bethesda, DC, foodie neighborhood. Forget one or two meats and go for three in this one giant all meat sandwich. There is so much meat in there made this one of our favorite sandwiches that we order several times a month. We can’t say no to meat in our mouths. Mhhh, it’s a perfect meaty combination of crunchy bacon, lean roasted turkey, and softly shaved ham. Did we mention there is a lot of meat in there? Perfect for our crazy hungry meat cravings that day. Big fan of the lightly toasted sourdough. It held everything together with a nice bready flavor. It might require you to put those big mouth skills to work to bite that whole thing. That’s a lot of food in there, and you can easily save half a sandwich for the next day. It might be a bit of a battle between your taste buds and a full tummy. So good that it might be hard to stop. Even though there are so many nomnom things there, the sandwich is very light and doesn’t give you a food coma. It makes for a perfect lunch or dinner noming

Cisco Sandwich $9

Sandwich noming for lunch from our favorite sandwich shop in Bethesda Down Town, DC’s fancy foodie suburbs. You will need it after all these thick layers of ham goodness. You would think with so much of it, the only thing to shine would ham? Well, your hungry face is wrong! The combination of caramelized onions, swiss cheese, and honey dijon is what makes this dish so amazing. It adds that extra kick of flavor and softness. Everything plays so well together that it just might be a perfect sandwich. The Nobadeer Thanksgiving dinner sandwich is still the number one reigning champion of this place, but Cisco is coming in a strong second for sure.

Smith Point $9

Nomdwitch time! Roast beef fan? Then try this sandwich, there is so much roast beef, that’s all you can taste. Havarti cheese and sour cream add a nice gooey flavor and texture. I’m not overly a big fan of pumpernickel bread because of its overly strong flavor. The overall sandwich was a bit dry, but I think Roast beef fans will like it.

Surfside $10

Bring on the bacon turkey goodness! I love the Havarti cheese, and it added a nice flavor that went so well with soft avocado and crunchy bacon. Look how thick the roasted turkey is! I like them thick like that. It was tough not to finish the whole thing in one go. A few hours later, I couldn’t resist and ate the other half. It might be my new favorite sandwich order here. Totally getting this again!

Nobadeer Thanksgiving Sandwich $9

Celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday any day of the year with this perfect holiday dinner in one Nobadeer Sandwich from our favorite Jetties Sandwich shop in Bethesda, DC’s upscale suburb. Year-round thanksgiving dinner! You read it right, and it’s everything and anything you eat during the foodie holiday in a sandwich form. Roasted turkey and stuffing with cranberry sauce and mayonnaise on sourdough. This is something to be thankful for year-round. Like regular holiday dinner, this will give you a food coma, so you might want to eat just half or be prepared for mandatory nap time. It’s probably a good idea to save the rest of your sandwich for the next day so you can prolong the joy of thanksgiving and leftovers.