Filet Steak $41@ Ruth's Chris Tyson

Ruth’s Chris Delivers a Perfect Stake in Tyson Corner Area

Filet Steak $41 (5/5 NOMs)

Say hello, meaty heaven, when you eat a fantastic Fillet Steak from the world-famous Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Tyson, DC’s suburbs. Steak is not something I order regularly, but when you go to Ruth’s Chris, you have to. This was simply amazing! Every bite was like heaven in my mouth and made me one very happy, hungry nomster. It was hard not to eat it all in one go, so I had to slow down so the noming would last longer. I had to be careful and not burn my mouth on 500 degrees cooked deliciousness, and I think I did anyway. The only thing I wasn’t a big fan of was the tomato. It was too soggy but did not decrease the awesomeness of this dish. There is no question; if you go to Ruth’s Chris Steak House, you must order this steak.

Chocolate Sin Cake

Best sin there is! This must be like the richest dessert I’ve ever tasted. It was chocolate layers of super goodness. It looked so small, and I thought it wouldn’t be enough. Oh, it is more than enough. Two people can split this and be more than satisfied. You have to order this!