Rainbow in every bite with Fruity Beet Salad

Enjoy a rainbow in every bite with Rainbow Beet Salad from Marvin on U Street, DC’s nightlife neighborhood. Ah, it sure is bright and happy a like a rainbow. What makes it better than a rainbow is that it will keep you from going hungry. It combines the nomnom flavors of both veggies and fruit with thick pieces of beetroot and peaches. Plus comes with a very light honey vinaigrette. Plus, for that extra flavor, it comes with large pieces of gooey soft goat cheese. Many different ingredients here, but they all light in flavor, so nothing overshadows the rest. A great dish for those who are looking to make healthy options when going out. The only thing it might not fill you up and makes it a bit of an expensive salad for $13. We ended up ordering a nice steak to balance out all those veggies and satisfy this hungry nomster.

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2007 14th St NW Washington, DC 20009