Oak Smoked Prime Rib Steak $32 @ Harris Ranch Selma California

Its Godzilla Size Steak! @ Harris Ranch

Bull Oysters

You can always enjoy some balls, especially when it’s Bull Oysters from Harris Ranch in Coalinga, California, off Route 1 between San Francisco and Los Angeles. An excellent way to start your steak noming adventure is with some bull oysters as long as you are not fussy about the fact that you are eating bull’s balls. One order gets you a whole lot of crunchy nuts. They are not as big as we expected from bull’s balls, LOL! Crunchy on the outside with a beautiful softcore. Served with a dipping sauce side to add that extra flavor and maybe help forget that you are eating balls. They didn’t have as much character, so the dipping sauce helped a lot. I am never getting tired of saying balls in this review.

Oak Smoked Prime Rib Steak

It’s Godzilla! Oh, wait, for it’s just a massive Oak Smoked Prime Rib Steak from the meat masters of Harris Ranch in Selma, California. It’s a place specializing in all things beef where they grow their cows so you can’t pass up a steak. It’s so fresh you can still hear it, moo. Ok, maybe not that fresh, but cows are not too far away. You can smell them outside! Luckily not inside. So soft and tender, it was cooked perfectly to medium pink throughout. Meaty joy in every bite with a nice layer of fat. One massive piece of meat that is about a human head size. Still, I can’t believe that we were able to finish the whole thing. Halfway through the thought about stopping, but it was so good that we just had to enjoy every single bite of it. Served with a side of two sauces, but you don’t need them since steak is so soft and tender with so much flavor. Plus comes with the delicious side of mashed potatoes that complimented steak so well. Not the cheapest, but also not the most expensive steak out there with a price of $32. So much food, we need a bed for that sure to happen food coma.

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