Pork Ribs BBQ from Black's Barbecue

Pork Ribs BBQ @ Black’s Barbecue

It’s like the taste of home. Not just DC home, but home back in Eastern Europe. This place has been around for 100 years, and dam do they know how to make their BBQ. It’s more on the smoky side without a crazy BBQ sauce which reminded me of ribs I used to eat back in Europe. You get a choice of few nice sides like mac n cheese, mash potatoes, sausages, and many other nomnom goodies. Even sausages tasted more smoky and dry nomnom, just so good. If things are too dry for you, you can add their special house-made Black’s BBQ sauce. It tasted perfect for me but added to try more nomnom things. I kind of wish we have a place like this in the DC area. Any suggestions? This place is actually located in Lockhart, TX, on the way to Austin.