Vegetarian Pizza from Matchbox Rockville

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza and More at Matchbox Rockville


Mini Burgers

Awww, these little burgers are so itty bittie cute & adorable AFTER I ATE THEM ALL and their friends! Very #nomnom. A great new restaurant just opened in town, in place of PGA Grill. I love the decor and atmosphere of this new place!

Onion Rings

Nomster loves to play with his food. Now, these are super ginormous rings! Look at their site. Great started to share with friends or eat by yourself. STAY AWAY! ALL MINE!

Vegetarian Pizza

My veggies beat your meat. Not often we find veggie pizza to be better than meat pizza. Great flavor combination. Everything tastes so well together. The extra nom comes to the baked chips on top. This is one of the most nomnom veggie pizzas. I’ll eat it any day over the meat ones.

Matchbox Meat Pizza $20

It’s hard to fit all the meats in a box. It takes all the meats to make it into meat pizza with pepperoni, spicy Italian sausages, and crispy bacon. A large pizza can fit whole lots of people.

Oven-Dried Tomato Pizza $13

Pretty good pizza. It doesn’t have anything overly exciting in it, but still enjoyable. I liked the mix of zesty tomato sauce and fresh buffalo mozzarella. What is buffalo mozzarella, though?

Cobb Salad $13

Try out a new take on a healthy lunch with Cobb Salad from Matchbox, a New American restaurant in Rockville, DC’s large suburb. I’m all cobb with prosciutto on my salad. Not just another cobb salad, but with a unique touch that Matchbox brings to every dish. Oh, the yummy avocado, prosciutto, egg, and gorgonzola. Powerful flavor ingredients, but none outshines the other, was a perfect flavor combination. I tasted very healthy and light. So why three, you ask? Well, the portion didn’t match the price. With so little, you have to order extra meat on top. It just didn’t feel like a lunch portion for a hungry nomster.