Great Grilled Cheese from Piratz Tavern

Pirate Themed Bar in Downtown Silver Spring @ Piratz Tavern (CLOSED)

Bacon Deviled Eggs (3/5 NOMs)

Not the hidden treasure you looking for in Silver Spring, DC foodie suburb. Big fan of deviled eggs, love eating them and enjoy making them. They seem like deviled eggs but didn’t taste like them. It was very bland, so bland that it was surprising how flat it was. Even bacon that always makes everything better seems to be no help. It looks like there is some old Bay seasoning, but didn’t taste any, maybe add lots more of it? It made me one sad nomster.

Piri Piri Chicken $5 (2/5 NOMs)

Arrrggggg chicken matey! Didn’t know this tavern near Down Town Silver Spring has food and not just-drinks. Little dish with a nice kick to it. There is a whole lot of spicy sauce, you can smell it a mile away. Not sure if that’s a good thing. Kind of tasted like they added way too much Tabasco. Both taste buds and smell senses just got overwhelmed. Might be a bit too overpowering so that is the only thing you taste. Not a bad way to start your noming adventure with some pirates.

Great Grilled Cheese Sandwich $9 (2/5 NOMs)

Walk the cheese plank maty! Exploring the grilled cheese sandwich at one of Silver Spring’s incredible pirate-themed bars. When it comes to drinking, it’s best to eat something greasy so that we can drink even more! Pirates go all-in when it comes to everything, and that includes their grilled cheese sandwiches. One cheese is just not enough for them, so they add five; cheddar, provolone, swiss, manchego, and smoked gouda. The waiter will try and will succeed at upgrading you with some bacon. Hey, you can’t resist the draw of bacon, so accept it. Unlike the name, this wasn’t so great, more of just regular grilled cheese. It just didn’t have that cheesy flavor. With so many cheeses, you come to expect, well, more cheese. Taste and quantities were just not there. Bacon did make it better, so it was an excellent addition. It is served with some very sad flavor fries. Overall it’s one of their better dishes, and next time, we are likely to order it, though it could be because good food selection is limited. It’s all about drinking here.

Rum Balls Dessert $4 (4/5 NOMs)

Who doesn’t like some sweet balls in their mouth, especially when they are dessert spiked with some rum in Silver Spring, DC foodie suburb? Oh, and there is a lot of rum. It tasted like a whole shot is in there. Easy to get drunk and fat off these. We will never get tired of saying BALLLLLS! Yes, we are 12 like that. Very thick and creamy chocolate goodies. They are so good, and it’s hard not to just put the whole thing in. What made us sad is the quantity to price ratio, $4. You only get two balls. That is how nature intended it for all of us, but we would like more. Not sure if we would get them again since they are so small. We are a few size queens when it comes to dessert, but it still was a delightful dessert.

Grog Ice Cream $4 (4/5 NOMs)

Black beard would be proud of this alcoholic ice cream! Time for some nomnom desserts at Silver Spring pirate theme bar. This place is not exactly known for its food, but maybe now it should be recognized for its desserts. It looks just like any boring ice cream, but don’t let that fool you. First, spoon in, and you will be amazed by the sweet grog flavor. It’s a grog flavor explosion, with everything great about this alcoholic drink, but in the sugary soft ice cream form. It’s like making some great, even more significant. Anything in the dessert form is always better. If you happen to be raided by some pirates, make sure to order this.