Let It Brie Burger from Stage Burger Lounge

Perfect Burgers Next Door to Filmore @ Stage Burger Lounge (CLOSED)


Let it Brie Burger $9

Say hello to a new burger place. A new burger place opened up near us, so we just had to stop by. I ordered one of their most popular burgers as soon as I took the first bite, and I was WOWed away. I really like brie, but I never really had it on a burger before. I got to say it’s a great pair. Not a common cheese for a burger place. Flavorful meat patty and soft brie created a great mix. Be careful eating it because it will drip oil a lot, so that you will need napkinsā€”great sweet potato fries with a hint of old bay. I did modify it by adding some bacon very happy to see a good burger place right near our NOMINATION office.

Mushaboom Burger $10

Brie it on! They love brie cheese here. My 2nd brie burger from one location. This time I went mushrooms. I got to say, for a burger that only has three things in it, Bison Patty, Mushrooms, and Brie, this was an amazing burger. It shows you that it’s all about the meat patty. I wasn’t even missing my bacon, I know so weird to have a burger without bacon, but it works! Such a flavorful burger; I just loved biting into it. They didn’t look cheap on mushrooms and really stacked it on top. Great onion rings too! Very crunchy. According to my friend, they grind their own meat patties every hour or so. You got to stop by and try!